The Saudi Fuhrer of islamofascist OIC

The Saudi Fuhrer of islamofascist OIC

Theresa May is for sharia and EU - but against EU's Human Rights Court which condemns sharia

Sayeeda Warsi like all sharia muslims is against basic Human Rights

If you don't agree on the most basic Human Rights, then you're a racist/sexist hater

Klevius is probably now the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad isn't it), and islam (the worst cime ever) is the foremost expression of sex segregation. By 'islam' Klevius means the same as true sharia supporting (and therefore against the most basic of Human Rights) muslims.

British muslim jihadists: Samantha Lewthwaite, Mishal Husain and Michael Adebolajo (who murdered Le

Monday, January 16, 2017

When will Trump get the Nobel Peace Prize?

Trump has way more in common with Martin Luther King Jr. than has Obama.

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the five Nobel Prizes created by the Swedish inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel. According to Nobel's will, the Peace Prize shall be awarded to the person who in the preceding year "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses".

Obama missed more of these criterion than Trump. Actually, Obama did the very opposite.

An other progressive conservative, Martin Luther King Jr., believed like Peter Klevius, in a color blind society. Klevius (as you dear reader already know) takes it even one step further by knowing (not believing) that we also need a sex blind society (no dude, you can still enjoy heterosexual attraction if that's your big stupid fear). And nothing can stop us because we already have the 1948 Universal Human Rights Declaration against fascism (incl. religious fascism) and totalitarianism as well as against race and sex segregation. Except for evil people and groups like Obama and his beloved Nation of Islam etc. who have worked hard for the very opposite, i.e. for more segregation and due tensions and divisions etc.

BBC today compared Trump to slave holders etc. When is it islam's turn to be scrutinized about the world's by far most extensive and longlasting* enslavement of "infidels"?

* Yes, you're quite right, Jewish slave trading lasted longer but pales otherwise in comparison (compare Klevius analysis of Penis vs. Vagina religions).

Don't be too surprised that Obama and Clinton are so keen on good ties with the worst slave trader history knows about, i.e. Muhammadanism (aka islam).
Also, the notorious slave owner Andrew Jackson, who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837 was the first of the Democratic Party which he, btw, founded himself - for the very purpose of becoming a president after having failed several times.

Obama, the worst and most divisive "president" United States have ever had returns to possibly the most segregated US city.

Obama shouldn't have "reached out" to muslims - he should have reached out to followers of Human Rights equality.

First the Dems poisoned the finance, and then they poisoned race relations. And long before that they had already caused a considerable jump in crime rates.

BBC News guest today: He (Obama) showed it's not only European people who can run the country.

Klevius: ! "European people"? That concept makes no sense unless he's talking about skin tones - meaning not Europeans but so called "whites".. And if so, then he's the very archetype of a racist.

Racism (just like sexism) can only prevail as long as segregation prevails.

Race card playing Obama is a long term admirer of US most fanatic black supremacist, Nation of Islam leader Louis Wolcott (aka Farrah Khan). And Obama's long term black supremacist preacher Wright even awarded the NOI leader during the time before Obama's "election" (Google News, CNN etc, elected him, as did black and "colored" racists) campaign during which Obama had to cut his ties to his and Michelle's hateful black supremacist agitator.

Wonder why there are so many police officers attackerd by black Americans?

Here's a hint:

Would you call the torture of a black man by white people who shout "fuck blacks", a hate crime? Klevius would.

However, Obama supporting PC people seem not to see the same logic as Klevius.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Did BBC/UK help Obama administration/CNN etc. in publishing a gossip report created by a British MI6 agent (MI6 agents never become "former") for the purpose of meddling in US politics?

Obama's dirty will via people he himself has chosen (plus some Saudi tied Reps.)

This is a new type of insidious political insurgency. However, the reasoning behind it lacks logic. If someone/a state (e.g. the islamofascist Saudi dictator family) would like to "blackmail" e.g. Clinton, it would be impossible to know - before it's already exhausted. With this in mind it's easy to see that evil muslim born and raised Obama's anti US attacks sole purpose is to undermine the incoming administration while trying to pave the way for further political/legal trickstering - which all is not at all in the interest of the American people.

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family and their puppet Obama (plus some Reps) behind the appalling transition mess.

No President-elect has never been so thoroughly scrutinized, demonized and smeared as Donald Trump. Yet these attacks have really showed everyone what a perfect President Americans have elected. Who previous President could challenge Trump after his handling of this load of b------t from supporters of accomplices to the most evil forces we've seen since the end of WW2 and Communism?

The islamofascist Saudi dictator family has attacked US several times both home and abroad.  It has meddled in US politics since long and has tried to subvert the presidential election. So how come that all the noise is about Russia? Obama and May call them an "ally" - so what about the Americans and the Brits in general? Do they really feel comfortable with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family and the war crimes and worldwide spread of hatred they stand for?

How deeply are BBS and some UK institutions involved? And how dangerous is the British marriage with the darkest of forces - all for the purpose of trying to continue as the empirist it no longer is.

Listening to BBC News one can't avoid noticing the desperation of a bully turned weak and helpless.

Ironically, as the islamofascist Saudi dictator family is ultimately behind this war on President-elect Donald Trump, due to the disproportional power they get from "representing" the world's Sunni muslims as the "guardians" of islam's "holy places"* BBC and CNN are completely quiet.

* Places which are now thoroughly covered with concrete for the purpose of hiding what was never there.

Not your nice "muslim" neighbor or friend, but sharia islam is the worst threat to US and the world.

Why? OK, let Klevius explain:

Islam's two fronts of evil and racist contempt  - packed in "religious" sharia.

Islam is a longitudinal evil totalitarian racist/sexist ideology powered by hate  - subtle or open.

Islam isn't only inherited - unlike other ideologies - but also made a one way system that sucks in more children than average due to the apostasy and male centered custody rules. Moreover, islam has abused uneducated low skilled girls/women to produce more than average amount of children.

Putin and Russians (no friends of Klevius) start looking like angels compared to the appalling behavior of some Brits/British institutions and US hawks who rather put Europe/the world at risk than cut ties with the Saudi dictator family which is and has been the main force behind the spread of hate and suffering there and elsewhere.

Interestingly, apart from its attacks on Israel, RT has developed into the perhaps least biased of conventional TV news channels. So no surprise most Brits are excluded from it in different ways. It also seems to be the channel most under "technical" etc. attacks.

Just compare this to the inflammatory pro-islamofascism propaganda the Goebbels styled BBC sprays over its compulsory fee payers.

Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele paid by Democrats to write a dodgy dossier on Trump; Russia.

Not only was its author anonymous, but he was paid by Democrats (and, before that, by Trump’s GOP adversaries) to dig up dirt on Trump. Worse, he himself cited no evidence of any kind, but instead relied on a string of other anonymous people in Russia he claims told him these things. Worse still, the document was filled with amateur errors.

One such claim — that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen secretly traveled to Prague in August to meet with Russian officials — was strongly denied by Cohen, who insisted he had never been to Prague in his life (Prague is the same place that foreign intelligence officials claimed, in 2001, was the site of a nonexistent meeting between Iraqi officials and 9/11 hijackers, which contributed to 70% of Americans believing, as late as the fall of 2003, that Saddam personally planned the 9/11 attack).

James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence also has a background that may explain why he more than the majority of CIA staff, wants to play dirty with Trump.

In February, 2011, when mass demonstrations were bringing down Mubarak's presidency in Egypt, Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee hearing that:

    "The term 'Muslim Brotherhood' an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam," ... "They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt, et cetera.....In other countries, there are also chapters or franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood, but there is no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally."

The Obama administration took the rare step later that day of correcting its own intelligence chief after the statement drew scrutiny among members of Congress.

Clapper "is in frequent and unusual contact with a military intelligence officer (Army Brigadier General Steven Grove) at the center of a growing scandal over rosy portrayals of the war against ISIS". The report came amid a Pentagon investigation into accusations that top military officials have pressured analysts into conforming their reports to the Obama administration's narrative of the fight against ISIS. More than 50 intelligence analysts at CENTCOM, the Pentagon agency covering security interests in nations throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, have supported a formal, written complaint sent to the Defense Department alleging that senior intelligence officers have insisted on changing ISIS reports to make them reflect more positively on US efforts in the region.[64] With Clapper closely communicating with officials who have been implicated in the scandal, questions will arise about how much President Barack Obama—who once suggested that ISIS was a JV team wearing Lakers uniforms—knew about any possible intelligence altering.

False testimony to Congress on NSA surveillance programs
File:Ron Wyden and James Clapper - 12 March 2013.webmPlay media
Excerpt of James Clapper's testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

On March 12, 2013, during a United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing, Senator Ron Wyden quoted the keynote speech at the 2012 DEF CON by the director of the NSA, Keith B. Alexander. Alexander had stated that "Our job is foreign intelligence" and that "Those who would want to weave the story that we have millions or hundreds of millions of dossiers on people, is absolutely false…From my perspective, this is absolute nonsense." Senator Wyden then asked Clapper, "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?" He responded "No, sir." Wyden asked "It does not?" and Clapper said "Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly."[31]

When Edward Snowden was asked during his January 26, 2014 TV interview in Moscow what the decisive moment was or why he blew the whistle, he replied: "Sort of the breaking point was seeing the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress. … Seeing that really meant for me there was no going back.

On June 5, 2010, President Barack Obama nominated Clapper to replace Dennis C. Blair as United States Director of National Intelligence. Clapper was unanimously confirmed by the Senate for the position on August 5, 2010.

Two U.S. representatives accused Clapper of perjury for telling a congressional committee in March 2013, that the NSA does not collect any type of data at all on millions of Americans. One senator asked for his resignation, and a group of 26 senators complained about Clapper's responses under questioning. Media observers have described Clapper as having lied under oath, having obstructed justice, and having given false testimony.

In November 2016, Clapper resigned as Director of National Intelligence, effective at the end of President Obama's term.

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is the United States government official – subject to the authority, direction, and control of the President – required by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 to:

    Serve as principal advisor to the President and his executive offices of the National Security Council, and the Homeland Security Council about intelligence matters related to national security;
    Serve as head of the sixteen-member United States Intelligence Community; and
    Direct and oversee the National Intelligence Program.

On July 30, 2008, President George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13470,[3] amending Executive Order 12333 to strengthen the DNI's role. Further, by Presidential Policy Directive 19 signed by Barack Obama in October 2012, the DNI was given overall responsibility for Intelligence Community whistleblowing and source protection.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why is BBC News so desperately faking and lying about muslims and the evil* origin of islam?

* The original islamic tenets are to be considered evil by any honest civilized anti-racist, and anti-sexist person who agrees on the most basic Human Rights equality (for details see Negative Human Rights) in accordance with the 1948 Universal Human Rights Declaration against fascism of all sorts.

The real origin of islam is the direct opposite to what girls are told at school.

Pamela Geller, the Jewish woman critical of islam whom Theresa May denied access to UK because it wasn't in the best interest of islam: In Islam, women are second class citizens, which is why so many women are abused by their Muslim partners. In the Quran, the beating of one’s wife is encouraged.

    Quran (38:44) – “And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath…”

    Quran (4:34) – “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them.”

Incredibly, Halil would himself post images of the abuse onto Facebook, along with the caption ' This is the girl I beat up and cheated on for two years'

The word rape is also non-existent in the Quran. This is probably due to the fact that Islam’s Muhammad used the raping of war captives as a common practice. By raping and beating his girlfriend and holding her captive, this man was only doing what Muhammed would have wanted.

“‘I cheated on her and beat her up daily’: Thug filmed rape of his partner, 21, and threatened to put video online if she left him – then bragged of the injuries he’d caused by posting them on Facebook”

DAILY MAIL, January 7, 2017

    A woman has recalled the horrific abuse she was subjected to by her former partner – who boasted of his attacks by putting photos of her injuries on Facebook.

    Atlanta Hammond, from Braintree, Essex, says she was subjected to daily physical abuse, banned from socialising and forced to quit her job by her ex-boyfriend.

    And when the mother-of-one plucked up the courage to leave him, he threatened to publish a video of himself raping her while she slept and post it online.

    The 21-year-old, who has a two-year-old son, says her former partner exerted control over her from the time they met in 2013, when she was just 18.

    She said Halil Cetinkayali, 30, made her ‘feel like a princess’ – before things quickly turned sour.

    Halil, who Atlanta described as a staunch Muslim, made her quit her job as a carer ‘out of respect for his faith’.

    And after Googling friends’ names on the internet one day, she found he was using an alias and was wanted by police.

Klevius wrote:

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Klevius question to media/politicians: How many more girls will the Saudi/OIC "islamophobia" campaign against basic Human Rights, kill?

Are you an "islamophobe"? Then be proud of it and spread the word about basic Human Rights against hateful sharia islam.

Klevius fears BBC and its muslim sharia presenter Mishal Husain might miss this:

German immigration workers told to give money and called Nazis while men masturbating in front of them. BBC and their sharia presenter Mishal Husain seem to have missed this though...

The latest (known) victim of islam (and its "islamophobia" blasphemy campaign against basic Human Rights) in UK.

Phoebe Connop, 16, from  Halesowen in the West Midlands, had edited a photo after getting into an online relationship with an "Asian" (i.e. probably a muslim) male - quite unlikely a Chinese, Korean or Japanese, right.

She edited the photo of her with darkened skin and a headscarf during a private chat with friends online

She then hanged herself after fearing she'd be called a "racist"/"islamophobe" after the picture was shared more widely online.

Anti Human Rights bigotry: Hillary Clinton wants to make it ("islamophobia"*) a crime to warn these kind of girls about islam. And Theresa May thinks sharia (incl. sharia courts) is good for British girls - and Human Rights Court should be abandoned. Klevius thinks not.

* The islamic definition of "islamophobia" is: Whatever basic Human Rights equality that doesn't comply with sharia.   

The worst and most costly benefit abusers reside within the social state (and the muslim Umma "community")!  Not only are the Brits paying for their high salaries - they also use their "work" to waste tax money and the life of the youngsters they play with and blink when abused by racist/sexist muslim supremacists! 

And all is now wrapped in PC "islamophobia" - when it's not simply wrapped in conventional empty state socialist "the-welfare-state-is-good-for-the-weak" rhetoric (no, says Klevius - the "welfare" goes to those grabbing it inside the social state - read Angels of Antichrist, the most important sociological paper from the last century).

Klevius question: Who made these tragic girls so ignorant about islam?

Klevus answer: Everyone who uses the oxymoron "islamophobia" to cover up the evil of islam. However, sex segregation/apartheid* is the real issue behind all of islam. If you can't accept Human Rights equality for girls/women then you're an accomplice to evil islam - or a victim.

* Islam reproduces itself through its evil one way pillar, rapetivism, i.e. the biological and ideologicalreproduction of muslim men.

Did black (or why not Khoisan) South-Africans think their biological constitution made it ok to not have the same rights as others? Klevius thinks they didn't. However, Klevius knows for sure that many (possibly even most) women still think their biological constitution is a fair excuse for sex-apartheid. This self-imposed entrapment is not only limiting but also a crucial key to the "understanding" of general muslim/islamic/Koranic/sharia (call it what you like) sex apartheid (sex segregation).

Is the most basic Human Rights violating muslim sharia supremacism really "conducive to the public good" in Britain?

Let Klevius explain it for Theresa May, Mishal Husain etc: It's islam/sharia that is racist and sexist - not Human Rights?

What, if any, responsibility do you think PM Theresa May has to this because of her sharia support and "islamophobia" politics?

And what, if any, respponsibility do you think BBC's sharia presenter  has to this because of her sharia support and "islamophobia" politics?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Arc de Triomphe - over a Saudi Wahhabi mosque?

Peter Klevius: Wouldn't France have been better off playing more with Japan and China than with islam and the islamofascist Saudi dictator family?

Charlie Hebdo Journalist Quits: Says Magazine Has Bowed Down To Islam
Zineb El Rhazoui, one of Charlie Hebdo’s most prominent journalists announced that she is leaving the magazine: “Charlie Hebdo died on January 7,”
Klevius: That must comfort BBC a lot now to compensate for when they lost to Trump despite doing their outmost to smear him with fake news and misinfor etc since the day they spotted him. But of course, they still have a woman, Marine Le Pen, to spit on. And as BBC is in love with islamofascist sharia they can hardly accuse Marine of sexism, can they.

A recent study shows 28% of French muslims follow an “authoritarian” interpretation of texts that advocate a split from French society. And more than 14 per cent of 15 to 25-year-olds believe sharia law carries more weight than that of their place of residence.

 Iyad Madani, the Saudi Fuhrer of Saudi based and steered OIC.

 Giulio Meotti: While the medieval Saudi system of justice was flogging the gentle blogger Raif Badawi 50 out of the stipulated 1000 lashes, a delegation of UN bureaucrats landed in Jeddah to promote an international conference on religious freedom. The Saudis use these international seats to advance their oppressive agenda, and to press the Western democracies to punish criticism of Islam. Through the shameful trial of Geert Wilders, Dutch authorities sent a message of surrender to the Saudis and other rogue Islamic regimes that punish dissent. Did the Dutch prosecute Wilders on behalf of the Saudis, who threatened to impose sanctions on the Netherlands? The UN and the Western democracies are putting the defense of human rights and freedom in the hands of one the world's worst violators of religious and intellectual freedom. Sharia courts are already fully operating in the Netherlands.

Last time fascism entered through the Arc de Triomphe it came in the form of German National Sozialism*. Today it comes from the "guardian of islam", the islamofascist Saudi dictator family (OIC in UN).

* For ignorasmuses: Socialism was born in Paris. It developed into Communism and social democracy from which National socialism later emerged.

Klevius wrote:

August 18, 2013

When Saudi blogger gets 600 lashes and 7 yrs in a Saudi prison, BBC only reports he was freed (from death sentence)

A screen dump on a Google news search today on 'BBC Raif Gadawi' gives this shameful result:

A Japanese in Paris 1984

1984 Honda Jazz, 1250 cc. It had a road holding that no similar sized/priced cars could match. This became very obvious in France that year when even much pricier cars couldn't keep up with the pace on twisty roads. Which fact gave Klevius plenty of good laughs in company with frustrated proud French drivers, desperate in their in vain effort. Yes, Klevius knows what he's talking about cause one of his good friends was a Gordini etc. maniac, and an other an Abarth (Italian) fantast who built a 4WD mud race car with two engines and gear boxes. He easily outperformed Jeremy Clarkson & Co when it comes to killing people with laughter. Try for yourself using two throttles and two manual gear boxes while participating in a fast mowing mud race. The video is fantastic. No wonder he loved to drive the Jazz for a change...

When Peter Klevius 1984 bought a new Honda Jazz 1250cc (the world's first minivan) he went to Paris for a test drive and noticed considerably more smashed cars than at home in Fennoscandia. However, after having experienced the exciting end of Champs Elysees at the  Arc de Triomphe, some hints were given (it's exactly the same still today). Klevius was almost halfway into the roundabout before he got the local driving code and managed to slip away with both mirrors intact.

But then came EU to protect outdated low quality tax payer sponsored manufacturing from those evil Japanese who wanted to sell beter cars etc. to the Europeans.

Btw, it took until 1993 before Renault introduced Europe's first minivan, the lousy Twingo. I.e. the same year EU was born for the purpose of protecting lousy European manufacturers from the superior Japanese products.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

The worst "president" ever, Obama's hateful black "children" after his and Clinton's hateful "deplorables" campaign against non PC whites

BBC's Edward Stourton's disgusting approach today to this hate crime: Instead of focusing on the hate crime and the victim BBC focuses solely on Facebook and whether streaming should be allowed. Would you believe it!

Here's what Klevius wrote about Edward Stourton May 6, 2015:

BBC behaves precisely as those who let muslims continue their sex slavery (aka "grooming") in Rochdale, Rotherham and elsewhere!

Chief Crown Prosecutor for the north-west of England, Nazir Afzal was "removed" due to 'on-going drive for efficiency' after being investigated for allegation he sent a text message to a (muslim?) defendant in a court case.

Nazir Afzal to BBC's (deliberately?) toothless (and therefore useless) presenter Edward Stourton: It has nothing to do with islam. I know that the vast majority of offenders are British white male.

However, although white British men (because most Brits are "white" - "colored" muslims constitute below 3-5% and Pakistani/Bangladesh muslims even less) are the majority of abusers in the British population as a whole, the specific type of grooming offense and especially the very highly organized sex abuse such as we’ve seen in Rotherham and elsewhere, is dominated by muslims and follows Koranic principles from the origin of islam.

Sharia is the religious password for racism and sexism

Peter Klevius: Why is the threshold for what is considered 'hate crimes' so much higher when the perpetrator is black or muslim?

And why is it that white PC people use others of their own "race" "the deplorables" as a spittoon?

Chicago Police Cmdr. Kevin Duffin: "Young adults make stupid decisions."

Human Rights Cmdr. Peter Klevius: Some older adults seem to do the same mistake. Would you've said the same if the perpetrators had been white and the victim black?

Klevius wrote:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Black racism thrives in Ferguson - and elsewhere

No wonder a muslim born (apostate?!) "president" who came to power with islamofascist help from Saudi Arabia sides with a muslim thug, Najee Ali (former(?) gang member and recently released from jail after a four years bribery sentence) who (via his Project Islamic Hope) organized "a vigil in Leimert Park to celebrate Rodney King's life". Did we see CAIR and Saudi money also in the shadows of Trayvon Martin's death? We certainly saw the appalling racist black supremacist "panthers" around!

Did black Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown try to take a gun from its white owner and shoot him precisely because of "civil rights" boosted black racism?

The popular black racist "civil rights" story: Unarmed black shot six times of which two in the head by a white police.

The unpopular but most probably true story: Black criminal bully thug walks in the middle of the street and gets therefore approached by the police. When the police officer then is told he fits the description of a theft and assault earlier in a local shop, the black thug attacks the police. Brown punched him in the face and tried to steal his gun during a struggle inside Wilson’s cruiser The police gets severely injured and shoots against the black thugs right arm. The black thug retires but decides to attack again and gets shot through his face and collar bone because he puts his head down while attacking. If a white thug had been shot under similar circumstance by a black police people couldn't have cared less..

Picks from the very few less biased media outlets

A man who claimed to have witnessed the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown said that he saw the 18-year-old doubling back towards the officer who shot him – a claim that counters most other witnesses’ rendition of the incident.

“How’d he get from there to here?” a bystander asked a man who claimed to have seen Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shoot Brown.

“Because he ran,” said the witness.

“Police was still in the truck,” he described.

“Why his body come this way though?” the other man asked.

“He was like, over the truck, [garbled] so then he ran. Police got out, and ran after him,” said the witness.

After running, the witness said that Brown stopped and turned back around.

“Next thing I know he’s coming back towards the police. The police had his gun drawn on him,” the witness said.

“Police kept dumping on him, I’m thinking that the police missed him,” he continued, saying that he heard “at least five shots” and saying that “police are…this far from him.”

“Next thing I know,” the witness said, “I think…dude start running, kept coming toward the police.”

That rendition is at odds with other accounts provided by Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, and other witnesses who have appeared on television.

Johnson said that after a struggle between Wilson and Brown in which Wilson drew his gun and fired, Brown was struck and ran away. After that, according to Johnson, Wilson emerged from his cruiser and continued shooting even as Brown was surrendering.

Klevius comment: The struggle seems to have been in the police car when Brown tried to take the police's gun. And when Brown attacked again the policeman of course tried to get out of the car. The "surrender" thing seems completely made up to fit something else than the truth.

“He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot, he put his hands in the air, and he started to get down,” Johnson told a television reporter shortly after the shooting.

Johnson said that after Brown began to move to the ground, Wilson “fired several more shots.”

Klevius comment: 'Began to move to the ground'?! What's that? Was it Brown ducking while still attacking?

Another witness, Tiffany Mitchell, provided an account that was similar to Johnson’s.

Klevius comment: Similar in what way? A copy of Johnson or a biased account in the general "racism" hysteria - or both?

Though the witness in the Youtube video account likely did not cover every detail of what he saw, he did not mention Brown being shot in the back. Nor did he mention Brown holding his hands up the air and crouching down on the ground in order to surrender.

“Hands up, don’t shoot,” has become one of the rallying cries of protesters angry over the shooting.

Johnson, 22, did not tell reporters that he was present with Brown moments before the altercation with Wilson at a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store. There, Brown stole a box of cigars and shoved a store clerk. During his retelling to television reporters, Johnson also indicated that Wilson harassed the pair for no reason.

Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson said on Friday that Wilson was not aware that Brown had been involved in the strong-arm robbery when he first encountered them. But as Wilson was pulling away, he heard a police dispatch call describing the suspects in the robbery. He then doubled-back to confront the two, according to Jackson.

Wilson told investigators that Brown punched him in the face and tried to steal his gun during a struggle inside Wilson’s cruiser.

Michael Brown, 18, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, according to a preliminary private autopsy performed on behalf of his family on Sunday, the New York Times reported.

One of the bullets entered the top of the skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck and caused a fatal injury, according to Michael Baden, a former chief medical examiner for the City of New York. He flew to Missouri at the family’s request to conduct the autopsy, which follows an earlier examination carried out for St Louis County, which is investigating the killing.
ferguson Tear gas and smoke fills the air as unrest continued in Ferguson, Missouri on Sunday night. Photograph: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Baden said it was probably the last bullet to hit the teenager. Brown was also shot four times in the right arm. All bullets were fired into his front, the examiner concluded.

The absence of gunpowder on the body suggested the bullets were not fired from close range. That determination could change if there was gunshot residue on Brown’s clothing, to which Baden did not have access, he told the New York Times.

The autopsy’s revelaton that Brown was shot in the head mirrored Wilson’s account of the disputed incident, when he encountered Brown walking in the middle of a street in Ferguson with a friend, Dorian Johnson.
ferguson A protester runs through a clowd of tear gas in Ferguson, Missouri. Photograph: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Wilson has not spoken publicly but a friend of the family, who declined to be named, told the Guardian that the officer admits he shot Brown in the head. However, his version of events contradicts aspects of the accounts given by some other eyewitnesses, including Dorian Johnson.

There appears to be little dispute that an altercation took place when Wilson encountered Brown and Johnson, shortly after a robbery at a convenience store. Brown then made off, but quickly turned back.

In Wilson’s version, Brown was moving towards the officer in a threatening manner when he was shot. The autopsy concludes that all the shots were fired from the front.

Wilson’s account is that Brown continued to move towards him even after the first shots were fired, and did not stop until suffering a mortal wound to the head. “He just kept coming,” the friend said, characterising Wilson’s account.

Friends of Wilson and his girlfriend, Barbara Spradling, also a Ferguson police officer, have expressed concern about the racial and institutional politics involved, worrying that the charged environment may unduly influence the case.

In addition to concerns for their safety, friends of Spradling and Wilson believe his reputation has been unfairly tarnished by a rush to judgment from the media and some members of the public.

One friend of Spradling believes the legitimacy of any evidence supporting Wilson’s version of events will be questioned by protesters.

In St Louis, a crowd of about 150 people gathered in support of Wilson. Some wielded placards with messages defending the 28-year-old officer and his family, during the early-evening demonstration.

“He was doing his job,” said Kaycee Reinisch, 57, of Lincoln County, Missouri. “And now because of public uproar in Ferguson, he is being victimised. He is being victimised by the whole city, the state and the federal government.” Reinisch said she had relations in law enforcement who would be “frightened to do their jobs” if Wilson were punished for the incident.

Are these really the best idols "black" American "civil righters" can find? And what about "black" racism? And what about a comparison with Frank Lee Morris!
Rodney King, O. J. Simpson, Trayvon Martin etc are all used as political tools for black racism and political etc greed.

See below what George Zimmerman recalls with his encounter with the 17 year old Trayvon Martin who in media is described as "an unarmed innocent black teenager racially profiled by Zimmerman".


To really get to the very soul of black racism consider 'Ms Lucy Black' below. No one seems interested to catch and penalize her. Why?

"Ms Lucy Black", one of the worst internet trolls ever, seems to have slipped(?!) from the attention of BBC, other media and the "civil rights movement" (read "the movement for political use of black racism and white stupidity").


The Trayvon Martin case  in a nutshell

Witnesses and facts support Zimmerman's version in every detail, yet few seems to bother. Why?

A 13-year-old boy walking his dog saw a man on the ground shortly before the shooting and identified him as wearing red (as did Zimmerman).

A witness to the confrontation just prior to the shooting stated that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and punching him, while Zimmerman was yelling for help. He stated that "the guy on the bottom, who had a red sweater on, was yelling to me, 'Help! Help!' and I told him to stop, and I was calling 911". He went on to say that when he got upstairs and looked down, "the guy who was on the top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point."

Wounds found on the 17-year-old's knuckles support George Zimmerman's claim that the unarmed teenager assaulted him before he was fatally shot

Zimmerman's medical report the day after the shooting,listed a broken nose, two black eyes and a cut in the back of the head.

Zimmerman's sweatshirt had "grass stains, and was wet on the back."

Zimmermann's own recollection

Zimmerman said he was driving to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon Martin walking through the neighborhood. Zimmerman's father said that, while his son was not on duty that night as Neighborhood Watch captain, there had been many break-ins and he thought it suspicious that someone he didn't recognize was walking behind the town homes instead of on the street or the sidewalk. Zimmerman therefore called a non-emergency police line to report Martin's behavior and summon police. During the call, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that Martin was "coming to check me out." A source to the Orlando Sentinel said in May that Zimmerman told investigators that at one point Martin circled his vehicle, and he rolled up his window to avoid a confrontation.

After a discussion about where Zimmerman would meet police, Zimmerman told investigators he was returning to his vehicle when Martin approached him from his left rear and confronted him. Martin then punched him in the face, knocking him down, and began beating his head against the sidewalk. Zimmerman called out for help while being beaten, and at one point Martin covered his mouth to muffle the screams. According to Zimmerman's father, during the struggle while Martin was on top of Zimmerman, Martin saw the gun his son was carrying and said something to the effect of "You're gonna die now" or "You're gonna die tonight". Zimmerman and Martin struggled over the gun, and Zimmerman shot Martin once in the chest at close range, in self-defense.

George Zimmerman about his encounter with Trayvon Martin in an area which he was supposed to keep an eye on as a neighborhood watch volunteer, and where a lot of burglaries etc crimes recently had occurred.

George Zimmerman, who by neighbors is described as nice and helpful, said it was a life-and-death struggle that began when the youth "jumped out from the bushes" after he had contacted the police".

As he spoke to the dispatcher, he said Martin circled his vehicle but he "lost visual of him." At the same time, he said the dispatcher asked him his location. He said he wasn't sure of the name of the street he was on and got out of the vehicle to look for a street sign or an address on a home.

The dispatcher asked him if he was following Martin and he replied that he was "trying to find out where he went." The dispatcher told him, "We don't need you to do that," noting an officer was en route.
Zimmerman was heading back to the vehicle when Martin jumped out, asking him, "What the f---'s your problem?"

He told Martin, "I don't have a problem," but the youth replied, "Now you have a problem," and attacked him. He said he fell backward after being punched in the nose, and "he was whaling on my head."
 In a written statement Zimmerman said Martin told him to "shut the f--- up" during the struggle.
"Each time I attempted to sit up, the suspect slammed my head into the sidewalk. My head felt like it was going to explode."
Martin punched him repeatedly in the face. "I started screaming for help. I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe.
He grabbed my head and started hitting it into the sidewalk," he said. "When he started doing that, I slid into the grass to try to get out from under him. ... I'm still yelling for help."

Martin "reached for my now exposed firearm" as the teen threatened his life and cursed at him.
Martin put his hand over Zimmerman's mouth and nose and told him, "You're going to die tonight."
"When I slid, my jacket and my shirt came up, and when he said, 'You're going to die tonight,' I felt his hand go down my side, and I thought he was going for my firearm, so I grabbed it immediately, and as he banged my head again, I just pulled out my firearm and shot him."
When he did, he said, Martin, who had been on top of him, fell away and said, "All right. You got it. You got it."
George Zimmerman, 28, is charged with second-degree murder in Martin's February 26 shooting death. Zimmerman has said he shot Martin in self-defense, but Martin's family and civil rights activists from across the country said that Zimmerman, who is white and Hispanic, racially profiled Martin. This race hunt has not only led to this but also to his wife being jailed as a consequence of the desperate situation the family was forced into, including the threats from black supremacist groups etc.

It may also be noted that Trayvon Martin used drugs and had been relegated from his school and that he also had had possession of jewellery that he couldn't explain from where it came.

Clayton Lockett who shot Stephanie Neiman twice and buried her alive after repeatedly having raped her friend, has been pitied for days on Google News! Why?

For some two days Google News pitied this black* murderous rapist thug (hate criminal?), with his pic always on top of the news, for possibly suffering some minutes before he died

*  Assuming a white similar thug hadn't got nearly as much - if any publicity other then condemnation for being a "white supremacist" had the victim been black.

Black African-American Clayton Lockett laughed as he murdered white Steve and Susie Neiman's only child, Stephanie Neiman, the teenage girl whom they had taught to stand up for “what was her right and for what she believed in.”  Compare what is said about George Zimmerman below.

Clayton Lockett was convicted of the extraordinary brutal murder of 19-year-old, Stephanie Neiman, in 1999. Neiman was shot during a home invasion, forced to watch her grave being dug, and was buried alive. Lockett was also convicted of raping her 18 year old friend during the violent home

Steven and Susie Neiman said that the last 15 years have been "HELL":" Every day we are left with horrific images of what the last hours of Stephanie's life was like. Did she cry out for us to help her? We are left with the knowledge that she needed us and we were not aware of it therefore unable [to] help her."

Clayton Derrell Lockett murdered Stephanie Neiman on June 3, 1999. Stephanie, 19, had just graduated from Perry High School, where she played the saxophone in the band, two weeks earlier.

Neiman and a female friend had stopped to visit another friend named Bobby Boynt, 23, who was at his Perry home with his 9-month-old son.

Clayton Lockett, 23, his cousin, Alfonzo Lockett, 17 and Shawn Mathis, 26, were already there. While Boynt's baby son slept in another room, they had tied up and were beating Boynt.

When Neiman's friend went inside the home they hit her with a shotgun then forced her to call Neiman into the home.

They repeatedly raped Neiman's 18-year-old friend, tied up the two women then used Neiman's truck to take the adults and the baby to a rural part of Kay County. When Neiman refused to give Clayton Lockett the keys to her truck or provide him the alarm code, he ordered Stephanie to kneel while Mathis dug a grave.        

Lockett then shot her. While Neiman lay there screaming, Lockett shot her a second time. Even though she was still breathing, he ordered the other two other black attackers to drag her into the grave and bury her.

Alfonzo Lockett and Shawn Mathis are each serving life terms for their parts in the crime.

On February 28, 2014, the Oklahoma Attorney General's office presented a packet of information at a clemency hearing for Clayton Lockett. It details his long criminal history and the punishment he's received for making threats and misbehaving since being convicted of the murder, including throwing urine and feces at the corrections officers bringing him food.

Manifesto murderers

Are you excused for murder if you have a "manifesto"?

Two mad manifesto murderers - but only one (the black one) causes "critical investigation" about factors that led to his deeds

Christopher Dorner and Anders Breivik

Oops! Take it easy now! Before you say anything, make sure you don't excuse the black guy for him targeting only whites and latinos and the white guy targeting mainly white islam supporters. Only then comes the manifestos, which, in fact, have no connection whatsoever with these murderous deeds. Everyone can write a "manifesto" and many do when they can't handle their personal life any longer and they see the end coming. So they spread their individual hatred via others "to redeem their name and pride". There's always a bad excuse for committing violent acts other than in 100% cases of self defense - as was most likely the case when Zimmerman was about to be killed by Trayvon Martin!

Whereas Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown had family, Frank Lee Morris had nabsolutely nothing!

A white "thug" from the past can be seen as the very opposite to the black thugs above because he didn't get any defense or excuse or sympathy at all from anywhere. And this despite his "thug" history is way more sympathetic.

The escape from Alcatraz and an extremely unfair life: Frank Lee Morris, very intelligent, non-violent, nice and committed to learning and working, would have been the perfect symbol for "civil righters" -  if only he'd been "black".

Ludwig Wittgenstein was imprisoned in the world's best university (Cambridge) and Frank Lee Morris in the world's best prison (Alcatraz). Both managed to escape.

It's now 50 years since Frank Lee Morris made the most spectacular escape from the safest prison in USA (see the movie or do some reading). Who was he really? Klevius gives you the best answer based on available facts. And one thing seems certain, he wasn't a violent parasitic thug who excused his behavior with islam or similar racist ideologies.

Frank Lee Morris, who was tested/evaluated as having "superior intelligence" (his IQ scores would have been much higher if calibrated for his lack of education), in good physical shape and "excellent drafting and working skills", became an orphan at an early age and was thrown by the social state* between state paid foster homes and state paid institutions where he was abused as a slave and guinea pig.

He was convicted of his first crime (escape) at the age of 13 and the only robbery was when he was around 30 (not in his teen as stupid Wikipedia puts it) and, according to himself, wanted to quit the Americn curse and move via Mexico to the south. Except for escapes and this failed non-violent night burglary to a bank called "robbery", his most serious crime seems to have been travelling over a state border with a  minor teenage girlfriend.

As a teen he eventually escaped a psychiatric "treatment" institution based on flimsy psychoanalytic** ideas (they assessed him as having too low intelligence for to be successfully "treated" when, in fact, he begged for being able to develop his drafting skills and to work as a draftsman) and therefor got labelled a "delinquent" hence making it impossible for him to educate himself, dismissed from military service, and denied real work opportunities due to his state fabricated records. Instead he was chased around USA and imprisoned for some petty crimes but mainly for his repeated escapes.

* understand the extremely important concept of a "social state" by reading Angels of Antichrist (no dude, Klevius isn't even close to a Christian).

** Klevius' groundbreaking psychosocial Freud timeline will offer you the best possible kick start for beginning to understand the extreme stupidity of psychoanalysis (yes, Klevius has gone through not only Freud and his daughters works as well as those surrounding them, he has also gone through all the main Freud critics as well as how this early psychoanalysis is connected to that of today - just like the origin of islam Freud is excused and distanced from yet his most horrifying tenets are still around - and its very core the prevailing sex segregation  - and before you smile please consider your own ignorance and the fact that e.g. Ludvig Wittgenstein did include Otto Weininger among those thinkers who had impressed on him, but not Freud).

Monday, January 2, 2017

The laughable pseudo-science of the so called "Birmingham Koran" hoax.

Peter Klevius is utterly embarrassed of again having to pick up this ultimate religious nonsense  "science" scum, the notorious "Birmingham Koran" leafs.

It's like islam itself a product of PC and support of the Saudi dictator family's position as the "guardian" of "great religion". And scratch a little deeper and you'll probably find channels to Jeddah and Riyadh. Klevius won't waste his time for it.

"Prophet" Mohammad is the corner stone of islam - yet he is completely missing from any official muslim/islamic records until some half a century after his alleged death*. And the "researchers" behind the "Birmingham Koran" hoax must have known that - or...?!

* Isn't it quite peculiar that a man with so many wives didn't manage to father a single male successor? Even Klevius has managed to make an even distribution of the sexes with just a couple of wives. The son-less "prophet" is just an other outcome of the later introduction of Muhammad, i.e. to patch the lack of a male succession line of an invented "messenger". And because the "son-in-law" Ali represented one of the internally fighting muslim factions we got the now so visible Sunni-Shia split.

Peter Klevius (2014): "Birmingham Koran" has nothing to do with islam because Mohammad wasn't even introduced into islam at that time as yet. If you don't believe Klevius, ask whoever else serious historian! Moreover, whatever we will call the "book" from which the fragment comes, it must have been aJewish/Christian text of sort (is that why so many muslims seems to have grave issues with Jews?). "Prophet" Mohammad was a much later insertion into the muslim narrative.

Robert G. Hoyland: "Before Abd al-Malik (caliph 685-705) Muhammad (allegedly dead 632 but see Pourshariati) is never mentioned on any official document whatsoever..."

Peter Klevius many years ago:  There was no Muhammad nor Koran during "Muhammad's time"! 

This is self evident even without specific historical evidence because the Koran itself, as well as its followers behavior throughout islam's history and today, give us the true formula anyway.

However, for those interested, Klevius has compiled a short early islam history for the ignorant based on historical evidence. For Klevius is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

It won't hurt anyone, right? Especially not the "believers" because for them facts don't matter.

Iraq was attacked already in "Muhammad's time". The "wars against apostates" (ridda) were just pillaging and/or forceful heavy taxation combined with humiliation (i.e. dhimmi racism).

Futūḥ (ridda) were the early Arab-muslim "conquests" (i.e. more or less synonymous with what Islamic State tries to do today) which facilitated the violent spread of islam. The so called ridda wars have in muslim mythology been described as wars against apostates when they in fact were wars against infidels (i.e. "disbelievers") following these simple (but evil) instructions of Abu Bakr:

Seek the tribes which are your objectives. Call the Azaan (call for submission). If the tribe answers with the Azaan, do not attack. After the Azaan, ask the tribe to confirm its submission, including the payment of zakat. If confirmed, do not attack. Those who submit will not be attacked. Those who do not answer to the Azaan, or after the Azaan do not confirm full submission, will be dealt with by the sword. All apostates who have killed muslims will be killed.

The ridda wars in Iraq occured during the alleged Muhammad's lifetime, which fact is evident because the main sources connect them to historically well known persons and their activities outside the islamic realm. A fact that is quite hidden for ordinary people under all the muslim mythology noise on the web and elsewhere.

Parvaneh Pourshariati has convincingly established that the muslim murder/looting/raping campaign of Mesopotamia (today Iraq) "took place, not, as has been conventionally believed, in the years 632–634, after the accession of the last Sasanian king Yazdgerd III (632–651) to power, but in the period from 628 to 632." An important consequence of this change in timeline means that the muslim jihad crusades started precisely when the Sasanians and Parthians were engaged in internecine warfare over who was to succeed the Sasanid throne.

Unlike other "religious" myths and legends, the muslim navel string was never cut off, leaving the rotting placenta contaminating the future via a mummificated canal from the dark ages to date.

2  The historical reality was Jewish/Christian texts (Jesus was a Jew) used in a Syriac-Arabic linguistic environment where Arabic took its first stumbling steps in the written world that the non-Semitic Sumerians had entered some 4,000 years earlier.

3 There was no historical Muhammad. Before Abd al-Malik (caliph 685-705) Muhammad (allegedly dead 632 but see Pourshariati who beyond doubt shows the historical impossibility of such a death date) is never mentioned on any official document whatsoever. The simple truth is that a mythological Judeo-Christian Messiah figure was applied to or used by one or several leaders, and later, under  Malik, turned into a "muslim Messiah".

Islam is rooted in an eastern Jewish-Christian schism. Jews and Jews believing in (a monophysitism inspired Christianity) MHMD (anointed/Messiah) didn't only offer the wealthy background against which barbaric (according to islam's foremost historian Ibn Khaldun) Bedouin Arabs were enslaved and/or submitted/enrolled, but also constituted the missing fifth columnist historical link to the "unexplained" success of early islamic terror "conquest".

 4 The only logical/historical explanation to islam's expansion out of the Arabian desert is parasitism. Ironically, that's also the explanation the Koran gives - albeit strongly denied by PC people.

Conclusion: There was no Muhammad nor a Koran at the alleged time of the so called Birmingham Koran. So the only way to desperately try to make sense of what doesn't make sense, is to rely on unhistorical muslim mythology.

So, first you had a severe pillage inflammation in the narrow slave tracts through the desert. And the longer they got the bigger the gang which needed even more booty and women. Some three quarter of a century after the initial attacks (the slaughtering of the Jews in Medina etc.) the first Koran was edited together.

 What happened in Medina was well in accordance with evil 'get killed or submit' formula of islam -. with no "prophet messenger" but possibly even several Mohammads, i.e. "Messianic" copycats.

More than hundred years after the alleged death of Muhammad the first sharia emerged.

So all of this has certainly nothing to do with that Koran "science" nonsense in Birmingham, which babbles about a non existing Koran written down at a time of a non-existing "prophet"!

Christoph Luxenberg's reading of the Koran

According to Christoph Luxenberg, the Koran was not written in Arabic but in a mixed Arabic-Syriac language, the traders' language of Mecca and it was based on Christian liturgical texts. When the final text of the Koran was codified, those working on it did not understand the original sense and meaning of this hybrid trading language any more, and they forcefully and randomly turned it into classical Arabic. This gave rise to a lot of misinterpretations. Something like this can only have happened if there was a gap in the oral transmission of the Koranic text.

Luxenberg remarks that the Koran contains much ambiguous and even inexplicable language. He asserts that even muslim scholars find some passages difficult to parse and have written reams of Quranic commentary attempting to explain these passages. However, the assumption behind their endeavours has always been, according to him, that any difficult passage is true, meaningful, and pure Arabic, and that it can be deciphered with the tools of traditional muslim scholarship. Luxenberg accuses Western academic scholars of the Koran of taking a timid and imitative approach, relying too heavily on the biased work of muslim scholars.

According to Luxenberg, the Koran was not originally written exclusively in Arabic but in a mixture with Syriac, the dominant spoken and written language in the Arabian peninsula through the 8th century.

“What is meant by Syro-Aramaic (actually Syriac) is the branch of Aramaic in the Near East originally spoken in Edessa and the surrounding area in Northwest Mesopotamia and predominant as a written language from Christianization to the origin of the Koran. For more than a millennium Aramaic was the lingua franca in the entire Middle Eastern region before being gradually displaced by Arabic beginning in the 7th century.”

Luxenberg argues that scholars must start afresh, ignore the old islamic commentaries, and use only the latest in linguistic and historical methods. Hence, if a particular Koranic word or phrase seems meaningless in Arabic, or can be given meaning only by tortured conjectures, it makes sense – he argues – to look to the Aramaic and Syriac languages as well as Arabic.

Luxenberg also argues that the Koran is based on earlier texts, namely Syriac lectionaries used in the Syriac Christian churches of Syria, and that it was the work of several generations who adapted these texts into the Koran we know today.

Klevius advise: You might be better off without your belief in ghosts. However, you will certainly be better off with a conscience resting on Universal Human Rights freedom (for you and others) than with limiting and imposing sharia that is also uncontrollable because different users can interpret it differently due to its   that violates Human Rights of others and opens up for parasitism, racism and sexism.

Measured by basic Human Rights standard islam is extremely uncivilized. And this is the only logical in islam. Born out of evil always evil. And when you disinfect islam from its evil it's no longer islam.

Some early sources:

An eighth-century manuscript of a seventh-century text in Syriac, attributed to Thomas Presbyter contains the earliest known mention in a non-muslim text of a 'Muhammad'.

    'In the year 945 [=634], indiction 7, Friday 4 February at the ninth hour, there was a battle between the Romans and the Arabs of Muhammad in Palestine twelve miles east of Gaza. The Romans fled, leaving behind the patrician bryrdn(?), whom the Arabs killed. Some four thousand poor villagers of Palestine were killed there, Christians, Jews and Samaritans. The Arabs (i.e. muslims) ravaged the whole region.'

The Arabic script as we know it today was unknown in Muhammad’s time

The construction of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in 691–92 represents the earliest known dated passages later found in the Koran. In these inscriptions, some letters are provided with diacritical points.

There can be little doubt that the first contacts between nascent islam and the Christian world were one-sidedly violent and bloody and that they brought much suffering on the populations of the Christian Countries that the muslims attacked.

These accounts show that offensive sword-jihad was the modus vivendi of the early muslims and that sack, pillage, the taking of (sex-)slaves and the ravaging of the land were commonplace.

The sources also show that the muslim sense of a “god-given” entitlement to Judea-Samaria, and thus modern Israel, goes back to the foundations of islam itself.

There is evidence of the establishment of Dhimmitude and payment of Jizya and other taxes that destroyed the wealth of the non-muslims.

The explanations for much of this can be found within the Koran, Biographic and Hadith literature.

Some muslims of today are inclined to say that the Hadith and Biographies are “inaccurate” or that they “reflect the views of the muslims of the times [a century or more after Muhammad] rather than the truth about islam”. What the above demonstrates is that the “views” expressed in the Ahadith and Biographies reach back to, if not the time of Muhammad himself, then to within a year or two of his death.

Given that the early records date to before the time of the textus receptus of the Koran and thus pre-date by centuries other muslim sources and further that they reflect the actions of the Sahaba, we can be quite certain that the attitudes in the later muslim sources which reflect these earlier sources are genuine in that they are accurately accounting the beliefs of the Sahaba.

PERF 558 is the oldest surviving Arabic papyrus, found in Heracleopolis in Egypt, and is also the oldest dated Arabic text during the islamic era.
It is a bilingual Arabic-Greek fragment, consisting of a tax receipt, or as it puts it 'Document concerning the delivery of sheep to the Magarites and other people who arrived, as a down-payment of the taxes of the first indiction. It's dated to the month of Jumādā which is the first in the year 22 after "Muhammad's" arrival to Medina, i.e. 643.

It includes:

    The first well-attested use of the disambiguating dots in the still developing Arabic alphabet;
    It begins with the Greek formula "ev onomati tou teou" (In the Name of God) after a Sign of the Cross
    It records the date both in the islamic calendar (Jumada I, year 22) and in the Alexandrian calendar (30 Pharmouthi, 1st indiction), corresponding with 25 April 643 in the Julian calendar.

    In Greek, it calls the Arabs "Magaritae", a term, believed to be related to the Arabic "muhajir" often used in the earliest non-islamic sources. It also calls them "Saracens".

Muslim mafia occupy Medina and eventually slaughter all Jews there

The numbers of the muslims in Medina grew thanks to the tolerance of the Jews and their error in giving the immigrants a safe haven. Jews did not foresee that the muslims to whom they gave asylum would turn against them and eventually slaughter them all.

After the incident of Badr when muslims ambushed a merchant caravan, and brought the booty, they got the upper hand in Medina. They were enriched by the stolen booty, and the popularity of becoming muslim grew. They were promised wealth and slave girls to those who took part in armed robberies, and paradise with houries and rivers of wine to those who got killed. For an ignorant fanatic and at the same time greedy Arab this was a proposition hard to resist.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Klevius New Year's wish (pst, tell everyone): The by far best form of "multiculturalist diversity" emanates from Peter Klevius fight for every woman's right to Human Rights equality.

Musliculturalism or multiculturalism?

Drawing (1979) and photo (2012) by Peter Klevius.

 Will women's Human Rights rights offend islam? Yes says Saudi based and steered OIC. Well, Klevius is extremely sorry if he hurts an ideology by defending women's (and all others) basic Human Rights equality. However, it isn't helpful and conducive for the good of the world that such an ideology exists, is it.

Peter Klevius fact checking BBC: Although BBC keeps lying that Trump said he wanted to ban all muslims, Trump never said that - only the bad ones - which Klevius understands as sharia muslims who are racists and sexists and who violate basic Human Rights equality. And no, we're not talking "locker room" sexism here - we're talking about an islamofascist ideology that wants to legalize true racism and sexism..

However, as Klevius predicted, US worst "president"* ever, muslim born (apostate?!)** Mr. X*** (or Mr Nobody, if you prefer) Barry Barakeh Hussein Obama Dunham Soetoro**** (or whatever) is maximizing his evil just before he's kicked out of office by US voters.

* His mother hadn't fulfilled the criterion of five years as an adult before delivering a baby whose male genitor was not a US citizen. 
** The male genitor was a muslim because his father was a muslim and in islam the muslim father - not the mother - makes a child a muslim. And there isn't the slightest evidence of any of them committing apostasy. Except for Obama himself if his "Christian faith" is honest, of course.
***  No other modern time US president has got so many records legally classified or covered under media misinfo as Obama.
 **** Soetoro was his second muslim Dad.

It wasn't enough for a "president" who wanted to islamize the US Constitution. Compare his choice of Ingrid Matson (the woman on his left ear on the pic above) who produces so called fantasy islam. Fantasy Islam: A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts that Islam were a “Religion of Peace,” and a Muslim strives to fulfill that wish by presenting a personal version of Islam that has little foundation in Islamic doctrine.

How much better wouldn't it have been if US had had a true African woman like Ayaan Hirsi Ali instead of a half white US half black African man?

The solution in Mideast is that the islamofascist Saudi dictator family has to go

Peter Klevius is convinced that Ayaan Hirsi Ali never would have sided with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family and the muslim terrorists they support for the purpose of expanding their interest in Syria - leading to a tremendous suffering for the Syrian people. Nor would she had sided with any other islamofascist constellation. US could easily have helped stopp the war before it escalated - was it not for the idiotic "Assad has to go" mantra". Every single escalation in Syria has been caused by Obama's backing of the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

Even Merkel admits that islamic terror is the worst threat to the world. However, is she smart (or honest) enough to also admit that islamic terror includes much more than spectacular terror attacks? However, of some funny reason she calls it 'islamist' instead of 'islamic'.

Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian: Since the only witness, the only authoritative source in Islam, is Muhammad, there is no check on his accuracy. All of Islam, their god, their scriptures, their practice, all stand or fall on this one man. Too many Christians don’t understand that the whole purpose of Islam is that Muhammad is the final messenger. He came to refute that which came before him. We lose site of the fact that his purpose was to supplant Judaism and Christianity with his new religion.

Today everyone just wants all religions to get along and hold hands. This blinds people from seeing that everything about Islam stands on the authority of Muhammad. He is not only the authority on their holy book, the Qur’an, his is the authority on how Islam is to be practiced. There are at least 93 times where the Qur’an states that Muhammad is the perfect man, and he is to be emulated. This is why the secondary sources, the Sunna, are so important in understanding Islam. The Sunna gives Muslims the practice of Muhammad so they can follow his example.

We need to stop making excuses for Islam by saying “it’s your interpretation.” We need to look at how Muhammad interpreted the Qur’an.

Atheist* Peter Klevius agrees with these Christians. The PC "handholding" with sharia islamofascism is truly at the core of the problem.

* Klevius loves to title himself 'Atheist' (sometimes even has to explain that Klevius as an Atheist has nothing to do with Communism etc. for those morons who still think so) for those who still live in the same medieval darkness as those muslims they criticize.

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Hatred of Jews from within the family helped incubate the hate that radicalized the San Bernardino, California terrorist who murdered 14 people.

Peter Klevius: Exactly the same applies to muslim hatred against all non-muslims.

Klevius wrote:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Origin of the Mosque, the center-piece of dead end sexist infidel racism: A market-place for grim trafficking in slave girls and castrated boy slaves*

The efforts made to mislead us abt islam are proportional to the historical facts surfacing! Since the origin of Islam "jihad" has most frequently been used for violence against infidels than anything else! Not to tell/warn innocent kids is then deception/child abuse! Educate yourself on Origin of Koran(s) For ORIGIN OF MOSQUE see below! Original islam isn't comparable with anything else because it's genetically predatory, abusive and incapable of standing by itself. YOU MUSLIM! Are you proud of a "faith" that has to be protected from truth and defended by wahhabists, terrorists and suicide-murderers?! Hamas leader's son Mosab Hassan Yousef:"The root of the problem is Islam itself as an idea" Klevius comment:Indeed, islam hinders muslims from being humans in a spiritual meaning, i.e. the sense of non-totalitarian global belonging that most of us non-muslims share, and which is reflected in the negative human rights that islam opposes. Islam rides on the popular but empty usage of the word "religion". Monotheisms are no real religions (see Klevius Definition of religion) and in the case of islam it's only a disguise for global fascism.

August 26, 2008 Klevius comment (on the democrats convent): Sambo, with his penis, again walks into the kingdom before the vagina people! Isn't it an irony that political correctness has led to an extremely disproportional influence of sexist black racists on US politics (who are representing/defending Latinos, Asians, white Americans, Indians etc?)! And that women are again fooled (and fool themselves) by black male betrayers more than a century ago! But the bottom line really is: How can a democratic party vote for a racist candidate who is a born muslim who hasn't openly committed apostasy against an ideology that wants to replace the US constitution with a totalitarian Sharia constitution! President Lincoln "America will never be destroyed from the outside. Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties." Klevius coment: We are not discussing Hussein Obama’s smile but the problem his candidacy reveals abt the clash between islam and the US Constitution. Islam is every bit at odds with the founding documents of the US!

August 23, 2008: Is Joe Biden an islamofascist or just an idiot?! Some quotes abt him: Joe Biden really is the stupidest man in the Senate! Joe Biden better get elected president before he starts any wars.
Joe Biden should re-read his old speech! Joe Biden, lickspittle Dhimmi of the Mohammedans! Klevius comment: What we do know is that Joe Biden thinks "the Saudis are nice cause they are afraid of Al-Qaeda"! He has also said that "Barack Hussein Obama is the first Afro-American who is articulated, smart, clean and handsome"! And finally: "I would be honored to run with or against John McCain because I think the country would be better off".

August 15,2008: Zakaria Botros has made such a successful criticism of islam through a local AM radio station that Imam Baqir Berry, of the Islamic Instit male betrayersute of Knowledge (sic) together with his pals had to "convince" the station owner Birach who then "promised to make them stop defaming the 'prophet' (i.e. the violent caravan robber who was long since dead when the koran was invented)"! However, Zakaria Botros' well articulated and referenced critique in Arabic, and by the help of radio waves, has helped millions of Arabs to leave islam. Klevius comment: Without the prolonging caused by artificial sex segregation, stupid "interfaith dialogues" (an islamic invention to protect itself), oil and political correctness the evil medieval dragon would have caused much less harm and suffering before its inevitable death! And what should we do with all the mosques then? And with the remaining sex segregation that invited evil islam in the first place?! Muslim-majority “moderate” Malaysia has now banned the naive thoughts of “Sisters in Islam”. Naïve because these sisters have completely missed the basic tenet of islam namely sex segregation. Klevius comment: As a human equipped with a penis I feel embarrassed to be the only one on the net (so far) issuing this fundamental problem. Where are you vagina-people? Name yourself “Confined Sisters in Islam” or get out from it! ISLAM IS NOTHING BUT ARTIFICIAL SEX SEGREGATION ORIGINATING IN SLAVERY! AND GIRLS WERE THE FIRST SLAVES OF ISLAM (i.e. what Klevius terms rapetivism)!

Btw, A political moron (pro-Obama of course) has commented that "unlike race or gender, advanced age represents a real physical impairment rather than some insignificant physical trait". Klevius correction: Unlike race, sex, like advanced age (i.e. REALLY ADVANCED & synonymous with sickness!), represents a real physical "impairment" rather than some insignificant physical trait. I.e. if we call below male average physical performace an "impairment". The same apparently applies to poor brain performance, no matter what age! Read Klevius Definition of negative human rights and Definition of sex segregation! Reminds me of a woman who told me that men have 30% more muscles than women! Apart from that that's probably a huge exaggeration because men exercise more, even with 90% more muscles it wouldn't of course in any way alter Klevius sex segregation point! Moreover, who's the average man? The physical decline is fastest around the age of 30!

Btw 2. How hard could it be to get it?! If your father was a muslim you are also a muslim, according to islam! Barack Hussein Obama’s both fathers (Kenyan genitor & Indonesian stepfather) were born muslims! Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Soetoro (or whatever else name he uses), is also an Indonesian citizen and officially registered as a muslim. And if you refer to some imaginary Utopian “reformed” Islam where apostasy is permitted, that is in fact non-islam! Moreover, B. Hussein Obama was (perhaps - or maybe somewhere else outside the US - Kenya?!) born on an occupied territory outside the US. His father wasn't a US citizen and his mother was too young to qualify him as a natural born US citizen! An irony, isn't it, if US gets a born-muslim president whose legality (natural born citizenship) is founded on a birth certificate issued on the occupied and colonialized Hawaii and the due overthrow and imprisonment of its native female ruler!

August 14, 2008: Quotes of the day:Tãrîkh-i-Wassãf: “The Mohammadan forces began to kill and slaughter, on the right and the left unmercifully, throughout the impure land, for the sake of Islam, and blood flowed in torrents. They plundered gold and silver to an extent greater than can be conceived, and an immense number of precious stones as well as a great variety of cloths� They took captive a great number of handsome and elegant maidens and children of both sexes, more than pen can enumerate� In short, the Mohammadan army brought the country to utter ruin and destroyed the lives of the inhabitants and plundered the cities, and captured their off-springsWill Durant:“The Mohammedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. The Islamic historians and scholars have recorded with great glee and pride the slaughters of Hindus, forced conversions, abduction of Hindu women and children to slave markets and the destruction of temples"

August 12, 2008: 36 % of British muslims believe apostates should be killed! Klevius comment: What abt Obama?

August 10, 2008: Saudi Arabia, which arranged an “inter-faith” meeting (outside Saudi Arabia, of course), forbids the practice of any religion other than islam. And because it has become apparent that islam’s grim origin and history doesn’t stand open scrutiny without total meltdown, Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), a Saudi-funded international UN body of 56 Islamofascist states seeks GLOBALLY to punish citizens who “defame” (i.e. e.g. research etc critique) any religion but, of course, Islam in particular. The new definition of “defamation of religion” includes the protecting of a religion, or some interpretation of it, or the feelings of its followers.

July 16, 2008: Is the Canterbury bishop out of his mind! He says both Islam & Christianity have a violent past. Klevius comment: But hey, according to today's twisted logic of political correctness Mohammed & Co and the Crusaders weren't true Muslims or Christians at all! He also raves abt Christianity's abandonment of its peaceful origin while forgetting abt Islam's extremely violent origin! "Peace" in Islam is totalitarian submission under the Islamic jihad sword and doesn't cover Infidels! And isn't he deeply pathetic when he now tries to bribe Muslims by selling out a couple of Christian "Trinity" gods?! Do I smell a new Nicea meeting! Monotheist (read ‘totalitarian’) faith(s) alone "can truly ground a commitment to a tempting lethal cycle of violence"! And the main attractions of Islam are sexism, racism and violence while sharia confined Islamist women are busy producing ever more jihadists through sexist and dead end (apostasy ban) sharia rapetivism

July 4, 2008: Monotheism? Kiss my ass! It's called Islamofascist totalitarianism! The government does everything to bolster the status of Islam in Islamofascist Malaysia where Christians and other non-Muslims are now denied to call God Allah "because it might confuse Muslims"! Furthermore Muslims are denied to legally leave Islam while the demolition of Hindu temples etc by state authorities and others continues!

July 3 2008: Diana West: "Think of it: For writing about the repressive ideology of Islam, for arguing against the inequities of Sharia (Islamic law), for making a video ("Fitna") to warn about Islamic jihad, Wilders lives in his own non-Islamic country under a specifically Islamic death threat."

True Muslims would never say they believe that many faiths besides their own can lead to real salvation! This fact may explain that whereas more than 80 percent of US Jews, Hindus and Buddhists agreed with the statement that "many religions can lead to eternal life" only abt half (the ignorant "moderat" Muslims?)of the Muslims did! The same survey also asked the senslessl and stupid question whether people believed in "God"! What do you mean with "God" (for a mature and informed view see Klevius Definition of religion) except for using the word to boost your own "religion"?! "God" is an empty jar for you where to spit your personal racist/sexist prejudices & political agenda!

Ahmed Mohammad al-Kuffari: “I'm a young male and was born into "freedom" but because of my small stature (Klevius comment: What an insult on the majority of females!), bad teeth, pitted skin, large nose, small chin and my squeeky voice, I could never find a girlfriend or fit in with society in general. I was insecure in my appearance and mannerisms and was constantly teased by others. I was always angry and my schoolwork was failing. Then one day I visited a Mosque and, Lo and Behold, I discovered my appearance wasn't an issue anymore because all the other men in the Mosque were similarly unattractive, and I could grow my beard to hide my face anyway. Muslims didn't need to study hard anymore; they just need to memorise the Qur'an. I discovered my small stature didn't make me feel impotent anymore, because the power of Jihad energized me. Most amazing, I discovered I (as a Muslim male) could rule over women and the first (of several, I hope) brides, was recently assigned to me. Additionally I learned that non-Muslims are filth and will spend eternity in Hell so the decision to become a Muslim was quite easy.” Klevius comment:Except that this description fits all sorts of males (and females eagerly assisting in their own oppression/subjugation) living under sex segregation. This is the curse that propels fascist Islam, the worst crime ever against humanity!

June 30, 2008: "The world's most peaceful Muslims" (Ahmadiyya) now legally forbidden by "moderate" Indonesian government aided by rallies/atrocities by the world's most violent Muslims who are, in turn, protected by the Islamic Lawyers’ Organization! Klevius comment: Reminds me of Obama and his Islamofascist supporters!

June 30, 2008: The Dark Continent seems to rest in almost total darkness about Islam as the main source of African slavery from the 7th century on! How come?!

June, 26, 2008: Hugh Kennedy: ”Before Abd-al Malik (Caliph 685-705) Mohammed is never mentioned on any official document whatsoever nor any form of religious pronouncement"
Klevius comment: For at least some 60 years after Mohammed's death he was a nobody to the Arabs! Btw, Abd-al Malik was the same cruel guy who systematically killed those who didn't speak Arabic. Malik was also responsible for the first Zanj slave upraisal. Furthermore he was the guy who enslaved and Islamized what is now Pakistan! No wonder that Malik's policy also included a wast program for mosques, i.e. slave trade centers!

June 23, 2008: Islamic sex slavery today (compare Origin of Vikings): Some 20-40 % of the girls of the north-eastern Assam region in India are now forced to become sex slaves. "They are initially raped and flogged almost to death and then sold to Islamic sheikhs from the Middle East. According to Rajeev Sharma (GOLD) “The girls are in high demand because of their Mongoloid features" (see The Mongoloid complex).


Benito Mussolini's jihad: "We arm ourselves in mind and material to defend ourselves"! Freemasons (the "Supreme Being" guys) heavily sponsored Mussolini on his way to power!Already in 1910 leftist Mussolini published La Lotta di Classe (Class Struggle)! According to Prezzolini the success of fascism was that they didn't hesitate to use violence ( compare Islam, Nation of Islam etc)! Klevius comment: What is new is that many of the leading fascists (and their supporters) of today pretend that they don't make use of this violence! According to Prezzoli "The fascists murdered and intimidated without, in most cases, being punished. In the first half of 1921 only 162 violent fascists were arrested compared to 2240 non-fascist workers who were sent to jail". The fascists were not only sure they wouldn't be punished, but they also got direct help from the police. Btw, the role of women in Mussolini's Italy was subordinate and procreative (i.e. sexism and rapetivism) - just as in Islam!

Hitler in 1943: “Nazis could be Moslems and Moslems could be Nazis.”

Himmler hated Christianity but he liked Islam.

Goebbels: “The National Socialist movement may be called ant-Semitic no longer, but only anti-Jewish. We have nothing against Arabs and other Semitics peoples….”

R.H. Lockhart (1938): Frenchmen writing home from Nazi Germany “Everything is moving toward a supreme conflict between the Christian world and the new Islam.” Furthermore, British and American businessmen, diplomats and journalists began to view Nazism as a new Islam.

Nazi book titles like: All-Islam: World Power of Tomorrow.

Obergruppenfuhrer Gottlob Berger boasted: “A link is created between Islam and National-Socialism on an open, honest basis. It will be directed in terms of blood and race from the North, and in the ideological-spiritual sphere from the East.”

Volontary Moslems assisted in the Jasenovac concentration camp, where over 10,000 Jews and over 40,000 Christians were murdered by the Nazis and their Islamic allies. Many Moslems saw Hitler as the possible Twelfth Prophet of Islam.




June 7, 2008: UNBELIEVABLE IGNORANCE ABT OBAMA expressed on BBC by a woman (sic) who accused Hilary for being aggressive against Iran when Obama has already threatened Pakistan/Iran with nukes! Coward and double-talking Obama is a shame of the world if measured against e.g. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the victim of that very sexist/racist Islamofascism (+ Kennedy etc ignorance) that has boosted Obama's race!

June 4, 2008: DO US DEMOCRATS REALLY PREFER A RACIST/SEXIST N.O.I. SUPPORTING ISLAMOFASCIST (if Nation of Islam cannot be classified as Islamofascist then nothing can - see further down) AS THEIR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OR ARE THEY JUST PLAIN IGNORANT AND EASILY CHEATED BY EMPTY TALK AND A SCREAMING MOB? A populist "man" who doesn't say anything but nonsense while trying to cover up and use NOI-racism at the same time! Hitler and Mussolinin also wanted "change" and fascism was a great word back then because, like now, few realised what fascism was really about! A $140.000 award from L.A. county for a Nation of Islam leader who obstrued and resisted a legal action by the police (assisted by the same type of "lawyers" as Obama), Islamofascists "patrolling" the streets of Miami, Cities and districts made blacks only etc etc!

in a 7000 year old mass-murder grave
in Germany containing males only. The immigrants from Mideast used, according to the researchers, to raid the small local communities to steal the attractive girls and women. KLEVIUS COMMENT: Thos females were especially good looking because of their mongoloid features and they talked a Finno-Ugric language and belonged to the original Europeans (with similar people also spread all over Siberia - see Out of Africa as Pygmies and back again as global Mongoloids). This is perfectly in line with Klevius explanation to the inherited he/she sexim (in Finnish, for example, it's simply 'hän' for both sexes)in Indo-European and Semitic languages - i.e. the very same ones that have become "monotheistic"! The prehistoric site hence reflects the darkest side of human existence and behavior! As does Islam - and with exactly the same original tenets - see Origin of Islam!

WHY DOES MEDIA CONTINUE TO SPREAD LIES TO THE PUBLIC ABT ISLAM? The continuing stream of fairy tales abt "Islamic "science" for example! The troublesome truth is that Islam has always been incapable of progress precisely because its basic tenets rest on backwardness, infidel-racism (a handy tool for slavery) and rapetivism-sexism. This is why Koran can't be changed! see e.g. Origin of Vikings). "Islamic science" and "Islammic progress" are per definition impossible, and "Islamic scientists" and "Islamic inventions" were just stolen from those people Islam conquered and suppressed! Of cours, the medi's eagerness to boost historical lies abt Islam is the symptom of the disease: The worst crime ever against humanity! The eagerness to create "Potemkin wings" around Islam seems strikingly proportional to Islam's historical emptiness.

style="font-weight:bold;">THE HISTORICAL FACTS ARE OVERWHELMING! So why don’t we tell our children that Islam was created and upheld on the very idea of slavery (infidels) and rapetivism (Sharia confinement of girls)?
And that its violent original expansion was fueled by the same fascistoid racism (seeing others as infidels) and sexism (institutionalized confining and raping of Muslim girls and sex-slavery of non-Muslim girls) as today (clearly visible also in “Western” nations)? Unlike the rest of the world history Islam has not progressed precisely because it is trapped in its original slave-ideology. Submission under Koran, the original manual for slavery, rapetivism and conquest! The “Western” world first abolished slavery some thousand+ years ago, and then again and now globally, some 200 years ago! – see Origin of Vikings.

Isn’t that a crime and pure child abuse with long lasting traumatic effects (Sharia marriages, rapes, threats, assaults, murderings, apostasy ban etc) not to tell children abt it?! And if you tell, don’t tell them Islamic slavery was better than other slavery. It was not, it was much worse because of its totalitarian infidel racism and Sharia rapetivism.

So when a young (male of course) Bosnian Catholic priest tries to “befriend” a young (male of course) Islamic imam the latter becomes corrected by his elders not to stretch Islam, this is an example of the same young ignorance that fuels Obama’s racist campaign. However, the extremely stupid and naïve ignorance shown from the non-Muslim side is equally bizarre among BBC reporters and senior clergyMEN as well! Islamists may pretend but NEVER CHANGE!
Face it! Islam stands for the ugliest past of humanity, and because its slavery/rapetivism has been around for some 1400 years there is no doubt whatsoever that Islam constitutes the worst crime ever against humanity.

When a Chinese one-child-mother is crying over her 18-year old son dead in the earthquake, while Muslim mothers are busy under sexist rapetivism to deliver and Islamofy 8-12 children (often aided by "Western" taxpayers) in an overpopulated world, the stupidity and evilness of Islam is well pictured - apart from its (eagerly blinked) evil and colonialist origin as a slave trade religion! That the real historical nature of Islam isn't taught in schools etc but instead an incredibly misleading picture is offered in media, is almost unbelievable when considering the records at hand!

When a white guy is stopped by the police because he and his vehicle etc matches a common illegal pattern HE CAN'T REFER TO HIS SKIN COLOR AND RACISM! Furthermore, black police racism (no matter if the target person matches illegal patterns or not) is common (as are racist attitudes from black air hostesses, officials etc! AND MOST OF THIS RENEWED RACIAL TENSION CAN BE BLAMED ON ISLAM(ofascism) AND PEOPLE LIKE OBAMA, SAUDI ABDULLAH ETC WHO BOOST & UTILIZE IT! Likewise Obama's "sweetie"-sexism is just but the tip of the iceberg of a change to the worse. A slip of the tongue that reveals a scandalous exploitation of racist/sexist under-currents for the purpose of gaining votes while pretending to stand for the opposite! Ever thought abt why Freud's sexist psychoanalysis became so popular some 100 years ago? Well, read From Freud to bin Laden and Klevius Psychosocial timeline! Today Islam(and its hypocritical supporters) is the carrier of the worst threat against a free non-racist non-sexist humanity!

Also consider how Islam stole, partly destroyed, and now hides the Floresiensis remains discovered by "Western" scientists! And if you want to be ahead of the pack on this issue see Klevius Out of Africa as pygmies and back as global mongoloids and Klevius hybridization theory that explains why what we have used to call human ancestors were so stupid despite their big heads! However, this is hard reading for believers in totalitarian Islam!

CURE YOUR IGNORANCE ABT ISLAM! Apostasy (leaving Islam) is ALWAYS considered the worst of crimes in Islam, although punishment may differ (see more abt Obama's born-muslim hypocrisy below)!
THE MOST PATHETIC & IGNORANT ISLAM DEFENSE: "It's a great religion and most Muslims are peaceful"!
Whereas Islam is totalitarian (see Origin of Islam and Shinto meets Islam), Klevius stands for pluralism (see KLEVUX and Definition of negative human rights), and whereas Islam is "right", Klevius is "uncertain" (see Definition of religion), and whereas Islam segregates on the basis of sex Klevius does not (see a surprising Definition of feminism and What's sex segregation?)! The naive view that Sharia is binding only on believers misses the very foundation of Islam namely the apostasy ban. A human being if born to a Muslim father is always a Muslim unless s/he commits the worst of crimes, i.e. leaving Islam! THIS IS WHY ALL ISLAM IS ISLAMOFASCISM/RAPETIVISM! No wonder then that the heartland of Islam Saudi Arabia is the worst violator of human rights!

April 6, 2008: DALAI LAMA OR DARFUR? Much talk about Dalai Lama, but what about the victims of Islamic atrocities in Darfur?!
April 4, 2008: BLAIR'S STUPID SEXIST MIDEAST FAITH NEGLECTS THE WORLD'S MAJORITY OF NON-MONOLITHEIST FAITHS/NON-FAITHS! Catholicism is anti-human and Islam, in whatever form, is extremism!
March 18, 2008: OBAMA THINKS WHITE EVIL ISN´T "EPIDEMIC" (BUT COULD BE CURED BY A VOTE)! He also said that his beloved hate preaching pastor (see more below) isn't worse than "the black community"! Klevius comment: He mentioned slavery as the basic sin but forgot to mention that it was Islam that exported all black slaves to America! By the help of greedy black Africans who were already in the business by enslaving the original African ("Pygmies" and "Bushmen") and now had learnt the far more commercial Islamic slavery from the Arabs.
March 16, 2008: KLEVIUS RENEWED WARNING! Islam is abusing UN to confuse ignorant people about real human rights - NOT ISLAMIC ANTI-RIGHTS, i.e. Cairo declaration which, for example, denies women true rights! This move includes a worldwide strategy to implement Islam by forbidding criticism of Islam, i.e. what is called Islamophobia
March 15, 2008: John Gray's pathetic, naive and dangerous defense of "religion": Firstly, there are false "religion(s)" (i.e. sexist Mideast god-monolitheisms) and true religion (ancestor warship, which the former use to name "pagan" (see Klevius Definition of religion and the Vagina gate). Secondly, Gray's stupid comment (about secular humanists) "the ugly fantasy that the Earth exists to serve humans" seems utterly ill-thought and even extremely fascistoid. Thirdly, what this moron tries to do is to equalize totalitarianism (e g Islam) with its perfect opposite, the negative human rights! Based on Koran you can slaughter people, based on negative human rights you can not!
March 15, 2008: Islam vs China in Tibet. Will Dalai Lama join with islamofascists? March 15, 2008: Klevius "Out of Africa with a chimp brain & back as global mongoloids again confirmed"!
March 13, 2008: The Iraq-Al-Qaeda connection: ISLAM!
A child named Scarlett Keeling, 15, was raped and murdered by ISLAM on Goa.
Obama: The Islamic call to prayer from a minaret "is one of the prettiest sounds on earth" Klevius comment: Hypocritical or ignorant abt Islam? See below what the minaret stands for!
When "political" Islam commits massacre directed against civilian children Hamas & muslims celebrate - and their supporters excuse it "because they don't have equally good weapons"!? Translate that to other areas of life and you'll see the evil illogic in it! Btw, Islam is historically by far the worst occupier, colonialist & slave trader!
A new intelligent species found in 2004 is still denied by Islam and its naive supporters (see Out of Africa with a chimp brain)!The last stupidity on this topic is offered from University of Western Australia (where students from the worst human rights violating country on the planet, Saudi Arabia, now demand sex segregation and lectures rescheduled for bowing towards the world's historically worst slave trafficking center!). Islam can't simply face homo floresiensis! Can you? Btw, in Sweden lamofascists now demand exception for muslim girls from sex education, mixed sport etc. OK, how abt removing Islam alltogether from the curricullum for non-muslims!
Rail Odinga, Obama's islamist sharia cousin and agitator for violence in Kenya is a close friend of Shiekh Abdullah Abdi, the Saudi supported chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya
Michelle Obama gives us a new definition of racism: In her naive and stupid thesis (now withdrawn from public scrutiny - btw, was it originally passed as a form of affirmative action?!) writes that the path she chose by attending Princeton would likely lead to her "further integration and/or assimilation into a white cultural and social structure that will only allow me to remain on the periphery of society; never becoming a full participant." Klevius comment: Yee, you're right Michelle, see what happened to you! Running for first lady is just pure assimilation, isn't it! Spiced with a shade of sexism! However, by adding Michelle's notion that whatever the whites did good for her or no matter how nice they were towards her SHE FELT SEPARATE anyway! Could this have more to do with her own racist prejudices? Her fanatic separatism, however, is the very opposite to KLEVUX anti-separatist web - separatism means anti-pluralism!! Furthermore, the Obamas are members of an ignorant, (see Klevius Out of Africa with a chimp brain - No, it's probably not what you think!) fanatic (NOI) and tautological (what's African in Afro-Americans?) black supramist "church"!
WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, PEOPLE SEEM NOT YET HAVE REALIZED THAT OBAMA (a born Muslim who thus isn't allowed to leave Islam and who, unlike ignorant "moderate" muslims and non-muslims, knows what Islamic racism is abt - and hails it!) IS AN ISLAMIST AND HIS & HIS WIFE'S NationOfIslam PALS ARE THE WORST OF RACIST FASCISTS! Intimidation against non-believers: Popular black author/talk-show host Tavis Smiley has disclosed death threats for blasphemy against their black prophet Barack Hussein Obama. According to Congressional Black Caucus member Stephanie Tubbs Jones many black elected officials not swearing allegiance to Obama have also been the target of violent threats. Klevius comment: Sounds Islamic doesn't it!
Feb 27, 2008 DAVE GIBSON: "I am also proud to live in a country where even a racist nut-case like Michelle Obama can publicly show her disdain for the nation which has allowed her to acquire great privilege." PHYLLIS CHESLER: Michelle Obama once wrote a thesis at Princeton abt the importance of black separatism. "The last time so many women cheered and swooned and orgasmically submitted themselves in large crowds to another thrilling orator took place in Germany and Austria in the 1930s and 1940s."
Feb 23, 2008:ISLAMOFASCIST SWEDISH STATE RADIO ("Konflikt") DOESN'T MENTION DARFUR/SUDAN GENOCIDE IN A PROGRAM ABT WORLD SEXUAL WARFARE! Amnesty report: Arab women sang in support while Janjaweed men raped black women. The Hakama, the women who cooperate with the Janjaweed, celebrated the rapes and insulted the women victims. "You are gorillas, you are black, and you are badly dressed," the Hakama yelled at the women. "The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land. The power of [Sudanese President Omer Hassan] al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs and we will not rest until the end, you blacks, we have killed your god."
In addition to raping women in theirvillages, the Janjaweed abducts some for use as sex slaves and breaks their legs so they can't escape

Talking abt racism: WHY IS A GUY WITH A BLACK GENITOR AND A WHITE MOM CALLED BLACK?!THE BLACK HOLE IN AN ARCHBISHOP'S MIND: By proposing (on the grounds of what he thinks is religious pluralism, but, in fact, is secular negative human rights) the inclusion of totalitarianism (Islam/Sharia) in pluralism (democracy) Rowan Williams confuses secular negative human rights with (the right to) positive religious doctrines - in this case the worst of its kind (see Origin of Islam)!
This post will stay for a while but is continuously updated! Btw, it's now #2 on a Google search 'origin of mosque'!
IF THE PAKIS CHOOSE ISLAMOFASCISM THEN THE ELECTION WASN'T, BY DEFINITION, FREE, FAIR & DEMOCRATIC (compare Hamas)! Islamofascist media, e.g. in Sweden, repeatedly has accused Musharraf for electoral rigging even before the election started although it's probably a cover up for electoral rigging performed by Musharraf's Islamofascist enemies! E.g. are many women denied or controlled in the voting process quite the contrary to the very idea of democracy and the free voting individual (see Klevius definition of negative human rights)!
17 Feb 2008: KOSOVO - A DARK DAY FOR EUROPE & A VICTORY FOR RACIST ISLAMOFASCISM & SEXIST SHARIA! Saudi islamofascists who have built mosques there now pay women some €250/month if they wear a hijab (i.e. segregate themselves under Islamofascism). This pattern, however, just follows the blueprint of Origin of Islam! And the people are cheated into the Islamic dead end. Polit. Science prof. Miroljub Jevtic: Islamic faith pertains to establishment of its laws in the world. Islamic insurgency then used the Balkan Muslims as Trojan horses with whom they employed the Western rhetoric of human rights, free markets... to gain support. It is a paradox that the West was used for creation of basis against itself!
Steven Spielberg (abt Islamofascism in Darfur): "I find that my conscience will not allow me to continue business as usual"
WHEN SHOULD SWEDEN APOLOGIZE FOR ITS WORLD RECORD IN STOLEN CHILDREN? (btw, if the Australia case is called (skin color)racism, what should we call other similar (non-abusive cases of inherited poverty, different life styles etc) cases without the skin color factor?!US' MOST SEXIST/RACIST PRES. RACE EVER? Obama's Islamic "father-roots" now riot in Kenya and Indonesia/Timor on the eternal evil axis between jihadists and "moderate" Islamists (like Obama himself)! Also note that non-Islamic East-Timor, although rural and poor, is wealthier than most of rural Islamic Indonesia (approx. 18 per cent of Indonesians live on US$1/d or less, and >50% on US$ 2/d - despite oil etc wealth among a minority)! Without his white secular Western mother-roots Obama would have ended up in the same type of Islamic cultural monotonism! Is that why he keeps her downplayed?! Why white? In short because Islam haunted Europe for white slave girls to an extent (see Origin of Vikings) that caused rigid Catholicism that caused Protestantism that caused the 1688 English revolution that caused the industrial revolution - and made the US and its constitution possible (ref. KLEVUX)!
SHOULD THE SWEDISH OBAMA SUPPORTING PM BE INDICTED FOR SIDING WITH RACISTS & ISLAMOFASCISM? (Perhaps not too surprising in a country where an immigration officer is kicked because he thinks USA is OK, and where islamofascist state media fanatically defends every racist Islamic terrorist from bin Laden down!) Consider the UNDENIABLE FACT that Louis Farrakhan (leader of the US racist organization Nation of Islam), a white hating, America hating, and Christian hating extreme racist who has been promoted by Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ (which has a website about race, not religion): "White people are potential humans ... they haven't evolved yet"! He praised Hitler, though! For this and more Obama's pastor awarded Farrakhan (with whom he has been travelling in Islamofascist countries)! Klevius comment: Compare the racist teachings of Islam, i.e. that non-Muslims are no real humans!
Obama's fundraising channelled/cleaned through sophisticated Arab-American/Islamic networks!
Why di
d Obama vote for a wall against latinos?
Why did Obama place a member of the Nation of Islam, Cynthia K. Miller, as the treasurer of his 2004 U.S. Senate campaign? Why did Obama place a member of the Nation of Islam, Jennifer Mason, as the Director of Constituent Services in his U.S. Senate office? She is also in charge of selecting Obama's Senate interns! As a direct answer to a question by a former associate Obama said he saw nothing wrong with the Nation of Islam!
Obama's key to the senate in 2004 was the bless of the leaders of the Nation of Islam and due racist AA-voters in its heartland in Illinois!
Obama also attempted to get Federal Indictee Tony Rezko, a Syrian Arab who helped Obama to purchase his home for a "low" price and who is also in a partnership with Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad's son, Jabir, a contract to build a nuclear power plant in Iraq! And why is most media picturing Obama nicely while Clinton badly?! And finally, Obama to his pastor when kicking off his presidential race: “You [Wright] can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public. I would hate to admit that I was ashamed of being associated with my pastor"!AS A LAWYER OBAMA OUGHT TO KNOW THAT FROM A LEGAL POINT OF VIEW HIS PRESIDENTIAL BID ISN''T ONLY A TAUTOLOGY BUT A TRAGIC FARS!

Islam in Iraq 2008/02: The most devout Muslims seem to be women with Down's syndrome strapped with bombs (>70 dead & >160 injured) detonated from a distance by their imam's cell!
US poll: The most devout US-Muslim voters are those who believe that Islam and modernity are compatible Klevius comment: I.e. the so called "moderate" (read superficial & ignorant) Muslims who have no idea abt Islam's true origin & nature!
Why it really matters that Obama is a born Muslim: Because a born Muslim can't leave Islam, the most racist of ideologies! So when Obama, as a US pres. cand., isn't acting on it (but rather covering it up with huge funds) he desecrates & violates the US constitution! This fact is concealed by Obama and revealed by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (see below)! A born Muslim is according to Islam always a Muslim. Leaving Islam is an equal crime as it is for a US president to betray/conceal/not address the right to freedom of/from religion! So Obama ought to openly commit apostasy or resign as a pres. cand.! HOWEVER, A MUSLIM IS ALSO, ACCORDING TO KORAN, EXPECTED TO LIE IF IT BENEFITS ISLAM! And no, Obama hasn't sworn in on the Koran, that's just a silly misunderstanding that is now eagerly picked up by his supporters! And no, he's not a secret agent for al-qaeda! That would make him much less dangerous! However, in a deeper sense all "moderate Muslims" are secret agents for radical Islam!
*If to be a Muslim is ethnicity then the Koranic infidel/apostasy concepts make it the worst kind of racism!
SHARIA-JIHAD IN KENYA (homeland of Obama's father) is "ethnic cleansing" (of the "infidel") which is the trademark of Islam and its center, the mosque! We need to define the violence and its source - not to hide it!
IRAQ & OBAMA SHARE A PROBLEM - ISLAM (it was a huge mistake to let Islam into the constitution!)!
ISLAM, OF COURSE, ALSO BEHIND THE SPLIT IN KENYA ( incl. Muslims - see Odinga/Islamofascism connection - burning a church full of "non-Muslims", and many other similar atrocities)! Obinga and the opposition movement ODM has promised to implement strict Sharia law! Obama's father was btw a Kenyan born Muslim! And although Obama wanted to nuke-bomb Pakistan and Afganistan, he also voted against defining Iran's Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group!?
Crypto(anti-white/pro-Farrakhan?)-racist Obama (who seems obsessed with race/lack of race in his book) is a born Muslim but doesn't dare/want to commit apostasy, i.e. quitting Islamofascism* like Ayaan Hirsi Ali did, the true representative of all the, mostly black (Obama isn't black), victims of Islamic rapetivism. He has a racist/separatist mentor, Jeremiah A. Wright Jr (rev. at Obama's "Christian" separatist "church"), who is a keen supporter of Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, US most racist** organization according to which "whites are intrinsically evil"! When Malcolm X broke with NOI’s extreme racism Farrakhan stated: " Such a man as Malcolm is worthy of death…" Soon after Malcolm X was murdered by NOI hitmen. In 1998, as a reward to one of Malcolm's three assassins, Farrakhan appointed Norman 3X Butler, as the leader of Malcolm X’s former mosque!
* If you wonder abt the word 'Islamofascism' it's here (and should be everywhere) defined as Islam based on its basic tenets: infidel racism/dhimmitude, sex segregated rapetivism/sharia, and apostasy ban (when you are born or converted to Islam you are forbidden to leave)!
** Among many "blacks" there's a "white man complex" (also compare the "mongoloid complex") out there and the culprit is Islam and its 1400 years of slave robbing in Africa (see below and Origin of Islam). When Africa fell under Islam's apartheid it stalled while the British "protesters" (against fundamentalism and for freedom) after 1688 started the modern world in Lancashire - btw also the home of the world's first and best (relative to males of its time female soccer team, Dick, Kerr's Ladies 1917-1922 after WW1).

Dick Field:" The black student unfortunately, may to see his difficulties as a deliberate attempt to put him down because he is black. The black student’s parents are reported (by many teachers and principals) to be more prone to believing the student and attributing problems to racial or colour identity than their white or other minority counterparts." Klevius comment: Eagerly assisted by what Field calls "the professional black "anti-racist" (read racist) and ethnocultural agitators"!

Anti-white racism: In Penn. US, 26 year old lack student at Penn State, Langston Carraway, was stabbed 93 times and "Die Nigger" had been smeared with his blood. Eventually, police found this hate crime had been staged by blacks. Reportedly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are NOT expected to demonstrate!

Female mtDNA since the introduction of Islam reveals a massive one way stream of slave girls out of East-Africa. However, the stream of castrated boys was three times bigger! AND ALL SOLD BY BLACK AFRICANS TO ARABS! (see Origin of Islam - the worst crime ever). To really understand how fooled you are abt Islam on the net, consider that e.g. Wikipedia (20080111) - not to mention New York Times, BBC etc - hardly mentions Islam and then belittles the enormous Islamic eunuch institution: "It was only after the Muslim Arabs conquered parts of the Roman Empire (which wasn't even around after 610 - Klevius remark) that they acquired eunuchs from the Romans, and not knowing what else to do with them, made them into harem guards". "Not knowing what else to do with them" (sic) when it was Islam that was the by far worst consumer of eunuchs in the world history!
* and today even the most "moderate" mosque is still the meeting place for not only upholding rapetivism sex segregation and "infidel"-racism, but in particular the institution for the protection of the worst crime ever against humanity, Islam! And the smiling imams know well how to pretend peaceful while applauding every means that support Islamic rapetivism! Hypocrisy is only the first letter in what they share with islamofascist king Abdullah! Also see below horrifying examples of how modern imams/mosques work. Also note that bishop of Rochester, Rt Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali now (Jan/2008) warns that Islamists are turning areas in England into ghettos ruled by sexist/racist sharia law and considered no-go zones for non-Muslims!
ISLAM IS AN INSULT AGAINST NON-MUSLIMS (AND MANY "MUSLIMS")! The ugly origin of the racist/sexist mosque/masjid/madrassa institution will, little by little, be revealed here (+ KLEVUX + Origin of Islam). Stay tuned! I might even give you something abt Kaba (Islam's "holiest" place where non-Muslims aren't allowed. Why? Think for yourself! Almost all "info" abt Kaaba on the net is Islamic, and Abdullah & Co want to keep it that way! In the meantime learn abt religion and negative human rights! Yes, I know I'm up early but isn't that better than feminists (stuck in "women's experience") and islamists (stuck in medieval fascism) who are getting later for every moment?!
Yes, it's (so far) Klevius against Islam and that's very unfair because Islam's got only some 1 billion "followers", oil money, and support from the "West", whereas Klevius has got the easy, powerful, and inevitably winning answer from the problem and due analysis of sex segregation and negative human rights! I didn't even bother to look at such a lousy (slavery, infidels, apostasy ban - i.e. locking oneself up -, rapetivism etc) "faith" as Islam before my analysis of sex segregation made me interested! The modern Islamic bluff is a house of cards built on lies defended by every means. And what else would you expect from the world's worst crime against humanity? Just scratching its surface reveals an embarrassing and ugly truth. As an Indian researcher put it: "It is my deduction that at every historic site the construction is all Hindu, and destruction all Muslim. In Muslim history destroyers and disfigurers have been tomtommed as builders. Every historic mosque and mausoleum is a captured Hindu building and every Muslim is the descendant of a captured Hindu because before 622 A. D. there was no Muslim." And how come, for example, that a PhD defender at Pennsylvania Univ may reveal such ignorance abt Islam, by claiming that ALL MOSQUES ARE DIRECTED TOWARDS KAABA/MECCA!? Marvin Mills, expert on the Cordoba "mosque", rightly concluded that Islam's main contribution to the world architecture is that it didn't destroy everything - because it needed it and sponged on it in the same way as its basic idea, sponging on slaves! Making graffiti on old walls is much easier than creating something new. The only new creations were made by non-Islamic technology labeled Muslim through threats! Also take a look at the Islamic bluff abt Taj Mahal, as well as the Islamic scandal with the Indonesian remains of Flores WoMan, Homo floresiensis!
*Obama is to be considered fundamentalist because he hasn't made any effort to abandon his extremist Islamic past!

So US women, (who btw also seem blind for the real antifascist heroine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali) prefer an unexperienced, violent (advocated air strikes on Pakistan) male upper-class Harvard educated professor who is a crypto-Muslim* representative of sexist Islam (one who doesn't even have the guts to openly admit it or simply committing official apostasy, instead of saying he's a "member" of a church) in front of the only woman in the race, who also happens to be very experienced and who, furthermore, happens to have by her side one of the most brilliant and experienced poiliticians ever made (says Klevius who disliked his politics)!
* bin Laden & Co will certainly recognize him as a Muslim and, if elected, appreciate that Islam has taken over the US! Because, as you might know, Islam allows Muslims to be non-practising and even lying when needed (i.e. Taqiyya, the islamic rule of deception)! So it really doesn't even matter what's going on in Mr Hussein Obama's own head!

And although Obama speaks "unity" (under Islam?) and colorblindness (while playing the race card all the time) many of his (racist?) voters only vote for "a guy with a complexion like mine", i.e. also implying (or?!) that they would never consider voting the opposite sex - or are color shades more important than sex - stupids!?

FASCISM HAS ALWAYS BEEN TIED TO SEX SEGREGATION (compare Nazi women in Angels of Antichrist, the most important sociological paper from the last century)!

Kenya and Islamofascist violence and genocide attempt

Three years ago (posting Jan 5, 2005) I warned abt Islamist kids using fireworks etc as low scale street terror (incl. murders, injuries, and hundreds of destroyed buildings only in Sweden) against what they have been taught are "infidels". To deliberately send in big exploding firework rockets in buildings and crowds usually demands a special kind of religion - Islam! However, although this Islam inspired terror has escalated ever since an "expert" on the Swedish news said he "couldn't understand" this nor the fact that fireworkers, ambulance and police are threatened and attacked. The naive moron said "Maybe we don't behave well enough" (sic)! This same blindfolded reasoning applies to reports abt Kenya! Not a word abt Islamofascist sexism/racism!

Wikipedia's Islam hypocrisy (titled Pre-colonial history): "Kenya's proximity to the Arabian Peninsula invited (Arab) colonization, and Arab and Persian settlements sprouted along the coast by the 8th century. During the first millennium AD, Nilotic and Bantu peoples moved into the region, and the latter now comprise three-quarters of Kenya's population.
In the centuries preceding colonization, the Swahili coast of Kenya was part of the east African region which traded with the Arab world and India especially for
ivory and slaves (the Ameru tribe is said to have originated from slaves escaping from Arab lands"

Mohammad (acc. to Ibn Ishaq): "By him who holds my life in his hand, I bring you slaughter"!

Islam's Catch 22: Bhutto, who opposed Koran schools, and her murderer, who learnt to murder in a Koran school, both made martyrs by Islam!

"...for the sake of Islam itself, the truth of its teachings should not be so clearly expressed..."

Girls, before a "date", friendship etc. you might sometimes really benefit by simply asking abt his possible connection(s) to Islam (birth, membership, friends, gangs etc). Islam's apostasy ban (i.e. you're not allowed to divorce Islam) opposes the US constitution on individual and religious freedom in every bit!


Klevius comment: How can Hussein (Hussein = Muslim in the Islamofascist world) Barack Obama who, according to Islam, is a born Muslim* who hasn't openly proclaimed apostasy (i.e. becoming a murtad fitri - one of the worst crimes known to Islam) as yet, be a presidential candidate in US?! He enrolled as a Muslim in a school where one could choose among five different faiths. In fact, he was registered by his family as a Muslim at several schools. Furthermore he regularly bowed in the mosque towards the world's historical slave trade center Mecca. Moreover, he practised Islam in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, which officially denounces secularism, pluralism and liberalism through the foremost state-sponsored Islamic body, Council of the Ulamas (MUI), notorious for its fundamentalist "fatwas" and neglect of human rights. If Hussein B. Obama wants to continue being a Muslim (i.e. not committing apostasy) while also continuing to warship other gods, such as, for example, Jesus and the Holy Ghost (like the naive (?!) Muslim/"Christian" rev. Ann Holmes Redding who "felt an inexplicable call to surrender to Abdullah's, sorry, God's patriarchy") he should honestly say so. And proclaiming that one is both a Muslim and a Christian is like treating AIDS and a flu as equals. However, the real point of this is that it really reveals the evil nature of Islam, namely that most Muslims, before they are even conscious human beings, are raped to their faith and have no right to leave! Am I stupid when I don't see how this fits the US constitution?! Sinclair Lewis predicted that when fascism comes to the US it will be wrapped in the flag carrying a cross!

* I.e. Islamic child abuse that is just opposite to the idea abt freedom in general and freedom of religion! I know you're ignorant abt Islam because of all the shit you get from Google etc. but truth is Obama's father could never be an "atheist" because he was born Muslim in the Islamic apostasy trap - he could only be a "non-practising" Muslim! There's no way out to freedom in Islam other than committing apostasy and hence disqualifying it in accordance to the US constitution! TAKE IT AND THINK IT! And for those who haven't got the depth of the issue as yet, this is where Obama faces only two possibilities: 1) Openly and clearly committing apostasy or, 2) Violating the US constitution - you can't, even passively, adhere to its opposite! So although some tricksters now try to make Obama "a possibility" this will only benefit Islamofascists, not the future of a free world! US is under an attack far worse than 9/11 - it's called "moderate Islam" but is, in fact, the covered fuel for real original Koranic slavery/rapetivism Islam!

The consequence of sex segregated Islamofascist rapetivism: Muhammad now the most popular boys name in the UK!

A senior terror leader, Muhammad Abdel-Al (a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees terror group - a coalition of Palestinian terror organizations, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad that has taken responsibility for thousands of shootings and deadly rocket attacks): "We see from this study of Muhammad's name that Islam is on the rise and cannot be stopped"! Klevius comment: Although I reject ALL sexist Mideast "monotheisms" I do recognize that Jesus isn't among the top scoring names in UK!

Islam was the means for the wealthy to sponge on the poor, weak or unorganized people. Just read the history of Islam and you'll see the repeated pattern of Islamic slave raiders/traders, their connections to the wealthy non-Muslim populase, and the never-ending stream of slaves as the basis for Islamic finance - from its very beginning!

The Jinn infidel/slave in Koran-Islam

A Jinn in Arabic is a non-human concealed through status and darkness. According to Koran the jinns are Satan's descendants (7:27, 18:50). Acccording to Islam "god"* (sic) wanted one jinn for every human from birth to death.However, the jinns were given the possibility to "re-educate" themselves by submitting to "god's" absolute authority. When a human (i.e. a "true Muslim") dies the jinn is "freed", i.e. forced (physically ot socially) to be a Muslim!

* read the human "master" - "God" is excluded and extinct in Islam via the "last messenger" and Koran-"interpretations"!

When a jinn being is born and assigned to a human being, the jinn remains a constant companion of the human until the human dies. The jinn is then freed, and lives on for a few centuries. Both humans and jinns are required to worship God alone (51:56).

The very root evilness of Islam became visible after Bush's surgery in Saddam's Islamofascist slaughter house - and the world shut its eyes from the horrible truth! And now, look at Islam's evil traces in Lebanon!

Why don't the US candidates talk religion at all? - Only Mideast sexist monotheisms (sic)! For a definition of real religion see KLEVUX!Klevius ultra short and extremely simplified lesson in Mideast "religion(s)":

Why are the silliest and most dangerous ideologies rooted in Mideast?

The Jewish idea abt the chosen people-tradition was originally just an extension of the only true religion, i.e. kinship groupings. In an almost dead desert territory, extremely dependent and limited by oasises and their connections, it created a widespread and powerful Diaspora trading network that influenced other surrounding cultures and, much later when the Romans left, inspired the evil elaborated ideology of racist/sexist sponging/expanding on slavery/rapetivism, that we now call Islam. This especially evil nomadic/agrarian curse of sexism (see Demand for Resources - on the right to be poor where the theory is originally outlined in 1992 and its modern consequences in Angels of Antichrist, 1996) emerged in an environment (outside the fertile valleys) which from most other parts of the world would be described as hell.

This is also the only significant explanation (to my knowledge so far trade-marked Klevius) to the remarkable lingvistic fact that sexist grammer seems to be mainly an indo-european and semitic feature! For me with one mother tongue inside and a second outside this linguistic area, the impact of sex segregation is quite obvious. Especially when I happened to experience my youth as poor in the world's back then richeast countries, Sweden and Finland, hence observing the confining feature of 'he/she' (Swe 'han/hon') segregation versus the Finnish non-gender 'hän' world. It's also noteworthy that whereas the original civilization in Mideast, the Sumerians, lack grammatical gender, Semitic has it as its basic principle!

The astonishing fact is that most of the world is free from both gender and "God-religions" - at least compared to Mideast monotheism(s)!
* honor murders are almost always Islamic because in the case of a non-Muslim honor-murderer rooted in Islamic land has been fostered and kept in this medieval "tradition"
When a Muslim named Abdul Said in Texas recently shot his two daughters Sarah 17 and Amin 18, because they were seeing "infidels" it was Islam and Koran that "aided" him, and it was probably a US (unconstitutional) mosque that offered him protection!
Aqsa Pervez, 16, of Mississauga Ontario (Canada) was strangled to death by her Pakistani Muslim father for refusing to wear hijab.


According to historians it's difficult to explain what caused the Islamic conquest, i.e. that the Arabic ruling elite embraced an extremely expansionist policy? Well, here is the simple answer - but can you bear it!?

While reading this please keep in mind that the slavery/rapetivism strategy that we now call Koran/Islam was not fully elaborated and utilized until some decades after Mohammed's death. Koran in any form didn't exist while Mohammed lived, and even long afterwards there were many different versions around!

Islam is based on rapetivism, i.e. enforced sex segregation, represented by, e.g. burqas and eunuchs.

Islam expanded mainly via two different channels, military conquest (with inferior technology and skills but compensated by a cowardice gang tactics against the weaker) and slave commerce.

Why sword? Because the original parasitic idea of Islam was created as a strategy for replacing normal (and vanishing) trade with slave trade. Slaves were stolen, bought and sold along classic trade routes. This caused affluence that caused a growth of domestic slave population over the limits of what could be consumed no matter how wealthy you were. So the growth of slave population in an arid land had to be compensated by robbing neighbouring oasises on the classic trade routes. A chain reaction hence began under the Koranic apostasy harpoon threat: If you don't submit you will die or pay, and if you submit and then divorce you will die!

Why commerce? Outside the arid Arab land the evil slave ideology of Islam was effective in targeting the wealthiest for enslaving the poorest and weakest (see Origin of Islam).


The worst slave trader/raider in history, Islam, colonized foreign land by buying (or bribing as it would be called today) power with money earned on slavery. The typical setting included Arabic merchants building slave trade contacts in coastal areas, and local greedy chiefs who arranged slaves from the inland. These often (albeit not always, depending on the local situation) converted to Islam because that ideology gave them moral "peace" as it clearly stated that infidels were no real humans and, as a consequence, according to Koran, eligible for slavery. This system then, like cancer cells/metastases grew with its evil message while simultaneously spreading the Islamic "faith" through rapetivism and muslimifying people. Yes, when the targets were easy to catch Islam robbed them by the sword and submission, but sometimes (possibly most often) the target was already infiltrated before the miltary attacks as in India and elsewhere. In Africa Hutu/Tutsi and similar tensions are the grim remnants of the disastrous Islamic slave trade.

Ever thought abt, for example, the enourmous difference between Buddhism and Islam? Then bite this! Apart from the fact that whereas Mideast so called monbotheist "religions" (see Klevius definition of religion to understand the quotation mark) have been thoroughly busy confining girls/women from the very beginning, Buddhism didn't, you may also consider the Buddhist lack of an invisible "god"-ghost who allegedly wants something. However, the main difference is the lack of evil in Buddhism. No, I'm not talking abt branches but the original and basic ideology where Islam stands out precisely because of its racist/sexist emphasis of the infidel, a tenet that, until now, has made its very survival possible.


John Timmer : "The more that one looks into the dealings of the Bey empire and the activities of Oakland's Black Muslims, the more murky and seedy the picture becomes. And more questions emerge, such as how could members of the political elite in Oakland and Alameda County allow themselves to endorse a group that espoused racist and anti-Semitic views? A group that is now becoming revealed so obviously as a "front" for a long-running criminal enterprise..."


The so called "code of conduct" for Islamist mosques in England doesn't give an inch away from the preaching of (evil) Islam, according to a British Muslim leader. It only "main-streams" the way it's expressed! And everyone's happy - especially the true Islamists we used to call extremists and terrorists!

Mary Jackson: "This picture, taken shortly after the Birmingham terrorist arrests, shows women whose dress is alien, but whose boorish truculence would match that of any of our home-grown “lumpen sluts.” Is this what the suffragettes fought for? Don’t mess with us - British Muslims scream “Islamophobia” if they don’t get their right to special food or clothing in schools, the right to be spared any kind of real or imagined offense, the right to a job – on their terms, however unreasonable - and above all the right to welfare payments, which they receive in disproportionately high numbers. These demands, this sense of entitlement, should worry us far more than niqabs, gangsta rap, or even drugs. Welfare scrounging is not peculiar to Muslims, but Islam alone demands tribute from non-believers in the form of a special tax or jizya. This “right” is set out in the Koran, as part of the rules of jihad. Muslim scrounging is an act of jihad, and payment of benefits an act of dhimmitude."


A group of Swedish women decided to take off their tops in public swimmingpools (as almost everyone did in the 80's!) as a means to de-sexualize women's breasts (also see Klevius analysis of heterosexual attraction and definition of feminism). However, when they did so in places with many Islamists they, of course, encountered deep sexism and racism hatefully pronounced, not the least from Muslim women (something like "Swedish whores" etc). However, what struck me was the complete and naive ignorance these Swedish women revealed when it comes to the understanding of the real nature and depth of Islamic racism/sexism. How very deeply they had been brainwashed and blinded by "political correctness".

An other example is Swedish "criminology" (read "hideology") which main task seems to be to shut its own as well as the Swede's eyes when it comes to the real nature of child/youth crimes. The last in an endless row is a thesis that argues, contrary to reality, that young criminlas are more harshly dealt with now than back in the 1970's. Without even reading it I may hit the bull's eye when I'm pointing to the fact that the only possible "harshness" encounters those who are already abducted because of the commercialization of foster care towards bigger/colder institutions (see Angels of Antichrist). However, what is not said is that the amount of child/youth criminals that are not even taken into the system has sky rocketed, mainly because the police are said to blink immigrant (read Muslim) perpetrators and the welfare system either don't dare to do anything if they get a report from the police, or the welfare officer is a Muslim her/himself who thinks the best care is at that very Islamist home that initially caused the (hate?) crime.For a better understanding of the really important criminological variables see "Pathological symbiosis" and attachment and Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs social state!

Today Sweden is a completely lawless land (except for tax crimes etc of course) with child/youth criminals roaming around and doing whatever they like while the police and adults in many places already are almost extinct from the streets - out of pure fear!

A possibly crime wave solving hint
Check out Islam's role in the sky rocketing stats of school- and other arsons!

ISLAM (under whatever "peaceful faith" disguise) IS A HATE CRIME - THE WORST EVER - AND FUELED BY

Why isn't he in Hague among other war criminals?! Instead he is shaking hand with Iranian islamofascist "president" Ahmadinejad. And they have a lot in common -not the least Islamic sex apartheid!

Which one came first, the mosque or the hate?

Today only the secondary effects of evil separatist racism (see KLEVUX) are brought to public, precisely because primary racism is often hidden behind "political correctness". However, whereas non-Islamic racism is based on pure stupidity/illogic, Islam induced hate crimes are based on "faith" and hence considered OK! (no author!?): "Radical Islam is so deeply embedded in British society, even the nation’s most famously controversial and edgy artists are afraid to confront it.
Grayson Perry, who prizes himself as a non-conformist, a creative, avant-garde revolutionary, unafraid to use art as a means of confronting tradition, religion and societal norms. But for as bold and progressive as Perry claims to be, there’s one subject that frightens him to the core.
“I’ve censored myself,” Perry
said at a discussion on art and politics organized by the Art Fund. “The reason I haven’t gone all out attacking Islamism in my art is because I feel real fear that someone will slit my throat.”

Klevius comment: Islam is peaceful - if you surrender and submit yourself under it! And no matter how you try to search Islam, women are, at best, only worth half of that of a man! And the bottomline of Islam always rests on some sort of "infidel" racism. And this evilness is preached and bred in the mosques/madrasas. And what abt Talibanistan where foreign soldiers now are approaching the same figures as US troops in Iraq without being able to protect girls/women from Islam! And what abt Sudanistan where the genocide runs on while UN and the Swedish pro-Islamofascist hypocrite Eliasson pave the way for it in cooperation with the Khartoum Islamofascists?!


The mosque isn't a place for reformism/renewal - it's a tomb for medievil thought zombies based on "infidel" racism and rapetivism sex segregation! And although KLEVUX is the only web university so far dealing with this aspect, soon the net will be flooded by it! Although educate yourself on Origin of religion and Negative human rights!

The chain goes like: 1) Arabic Islam - 2) Oil fueled mosques/madrasas (remember that a Taliban-like islamist movement, The Union of Islamic Organisations in France, is the largest Muslim organization in France!) - 3) inducing "infidel" hatred/racism/sexism in mainly youth from Islamist families (or sometimes even Christian families contaminated by Islamist cultures) - 4) smiling, "peaceful" imams telling the world that they can handle it if only they are given even more resources! And also note the treacherous politically correct new language which lumps islamist immigrants together with non-Muslim immigrants from non-islamist areas who usually perform far better.

Klevius apology: Ive got criticism for not fully utilizing the historical facts and settings regarding the evil phenomenon we call Islam - a phenomenon now rapidly disintegrating in secular modernity*. Well, I admit that and have only two items on my defense agenda: 1) To be 100% sure I've cowardly cut off much more than necessary, and 2) I see the sinking of the worst enemy of the "developing world" as a process that includes both perpetrators and victims.

There's simply no logical "moderate" middle way when it comes to Islam precisely because the original soul of Islam is pure evilness, i.e. the sponging on slavery and rapetivism, not as some biproduct but as the main and only formula for its very existence. And because of this evil heritage a modernized Islam is a tautology - or self-destruction if you like! So those who push for modernization of Islam either use it as a disguise for real Islam or simply are too naive (or political) to get it.
* However, it doesn't disintegrate into "peaceful Islam" but into non-Islam, which fact liberates the blindfolded ones but not those who deliberately and with open eyes cause extention of Islam induced suffering!

In Origin of Islam I've been especially cautious. So, for example, have I rather leaned to Muslim scholars and exaggerated the unity of early Korans and Islamisms than following the most probable interpretation. Sadly, many of you readers seem to be too sensitive to take on the truth. In accordance with this strategy I will now start lending a meek gaze at the mosque.

Religion* is a disguise for evilness** (which fact doesn't outrule evilness outside religion as well) and as such an important matter. And whether we like it or not, even th most religious people cannot live with a religion but only without it. Religion per se isn't a provider but a divider!

* "religion" here refers only to the Mideast "god-religions"! For a definition of true religion see Origin of religion!

** what is usually interpreted as a social good doesn't belong to these "religions" but rather to original religion - see e.g. abt the Jews in Angels of Antichrist!

And remember, what unnecessarily prolonges the death of Islam is sex segregation and those who confuse Islam with nostalgia and racist/sexist attitudes of their own! And isn't it an irony that an evil ideology born out of trafficking in slaves and violent robbery is now presented as "a peaceful religion" whereas US, born out of human rights, is now presented as Satan!?

The mosque as a racist/sexist separatorBefore building too many mosques consider that we have too many churches in the wake of modernization. Also consider the evil purpose, origin and history of mosques.

A mosque was a guarded slave market place fueled by the racist Islamic "infidel" ideology that made it possible to buy millions of castrated boys to work among raped slave girls, and to transform innocent children into the same circle of Islamofascism.

Madrasa, the Koranic "teaching" of racist/sexist jihadism (incl. suicide murderings)

Because Islam is based on racist/sexist separatism this has to be carefully teached and practised. Contrary to what Wikipedia etc may propose the madrasa institution is inherently tied to the mosque and Islamic slavery, i.e. Islam's original financial base.

For a background to the problem take a look at the most important sociological paper from the last century, Angels of Antichrist!

You may also consider that most news organisations review their coverage of issues and events involving Islam, by drawing up codes of so called "professional conduct" and "style guides" about use of terminology, i.e. what we used to call "politicalcorrectness"! News organisations also take measures, within the framework of so called "positive action" in equalities legislation, to recruit more Islamist journalists. News organisations also give Islamist staff professional support! One may even conclude that those who propose and perform the above (ab)use Muslims as a cover up for not mentioning/disturbing the real beast, Islam! However, the uncomfortable truth is that there is no "good Islam" no matter where you dig - only a vanishing mirage that slowly gives place for a historical picture that makes Guernica pale!

And all of this for the sole purpose of protecting/preserving/boosting the, by most standards (see Origin of Islam), most evil and historically disastrous, anti-human rights ideology on the planet! Why?!

Skin color can never make a human evil (no matter what Nation of Islam says) - ideology does! And of all ideologies the most evil is the one that is based on the very idea of the dehumanization of humans in a strive towards a Utopian totalitarianism!

Lal Masjid

The Lal Masjid mosque in Pakistan and the girls madrasa attached to it with well-built quarters for two clerics, was built as recently as 1965.

K J M Varma :The girls' madrassa, which perhaps was thrown open to the media for the first time, was a revelation in many ways. Built like a prison to house the burqa clad girls, whom many regarded as Jihadi women specially nursed to be the wives of militants or suicide bombers, the three story complex begins with four 4/3 ft small rooms with small windows at the bottom from where the girls would converse with the visitors.
"Just like the visitors facility at any jail where the prisoners would meet their visitors," Pakistan Defence spokesman Maj. Gen. Waheed Arshad said.
The three floors together have medium sized rooms in which over 3000 girls were kept, perhaps like sardines. - The bullet marks and smell of the burnt flesh provide telltale evidence of room-to-room fighting to secure the place.

Klevius comment: This is true Islam in all its naked evilness, and the picture of Islam's jihadists hiding behind innocent girls is truly part of an answer to the question: What is rapetivism?! These girls were most likely born by Islamic "birth-machines", i.e. under the Sharfia threat. Then they were forced into the mosque to become sex slaves for the Islamic patriarchs. On top of this many of them finally had to sacrify their lives for that very same evil Islam that stands and falls with sex segregation!

Islamic evilness represented in European Kosovo Mosques/Madrasas

Europe got its first Islamofascist Taliban state, Kosovo, led by Hashim Thaci, allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'eda and funded by Saudi Islamofascists, and making its living in a traditional Islamic manner based on violence, crimes, trafficking and drugs!

Hashim Thaci's is also connected to Albanian drug gangs who supply Western Europe with more than 75 per cent of its heroin.

Kosovos oldest Mosque was built with stones from the Monastery of the Archangels which had been destroyed by Islamists.

According to Dusan Batakovic the three centuries long domination of the Islamized ethnic Albanians in the Balkans, culminated at the beginning of the 20th century the Albanians discovering the plains of Kosovo and Metohia as space for further expansion. Islam, via the Islamic authorities, had granted the Albanians the right to persecute Christians (and non-Muslims - Klevius remark). Islam was the religion of the master race and Christianity that of slaves. In the interwar period the Kingdom of Yugoslavia tried not only to return the Serbian character to these areas, but also to establish modern European institutions, as it did in other provinces of the Yugoslav state. The Muslim Albanian population of Kosovo, however, found it very difficult to adjust to the new reality where, instead of a status of absolute privilege which they had enjoyed during the Islamic rule, they received only civil and political equality with the people they had only recently treated as serfs.

M. Bozinovich: "Wahabi mosques in Kosovo, built under the noses of NATO, is the sufficient prerequisite for the Islamic vision of the independent Kosova. - Kosovo Albanians, a Westerner and a Kosovo Christian Bishop who requires two armed UN bodyguards to protect him from Kosovo Albanian mob, deserves a discourse on resurrection of islamophobic fascism - Virus Fashizmus."

A Swedish school terror, mosque and imam

A Swedish school was closed after years of unbelievable terror by children/youth from Islamic countries. Instead of addressing the real culprit Islam (and its racist/sexist message of hateful xenophobia via the kids' families etc) a moron "expert" in a TV-show claimed that it all was caused by spanking immigrant parents whose kids had to transfer it as school terror. And then a smiling Islamofascist imam (i.e. the very source of the evilness) was presented as a hero with a solution named, guess what, yes Islam!

Klevius comment: 1) Of course, spanking is no good at all but there is certainly no hard core evidence that it causes school terror. However, 2) there is owerwhelming evidence that parental attachment is the best protection against kids going mad. 3) If kids are attached but still go mad there is usually an ideological logic behind it. 4) In Islamic countries where child abuse is still permitted this is also used as a means for the discipline of kids. However, Sweden not only bans spanking etc but also lacks any means for disciplinary actions (I will explain all of this in detail later). It is in this "black hole" Islamic scholl etc terror works. Finally, sometimes you may hear the stupid notion that also Christian kids from Islamic countries behave similarily. Well, da,
of course they have learned their West-xenophobia from the Islamic majority culture they used to live in.

Mohammed and democracy

Democracy is good for Islamofascists as long as it means more of Islamofascism! But democracy and teddy bears, there goes the line. Teacher Gillian Gibbons was arrested in Sudan - by the very same Islamofascists who commit genocide in Darfur - after she had allowed her 7-year-old pupils to choose a name for a stuffed teddy bear, and they chose the name Muhammad.

KLEVUX is (so far) the only source on the net that addresses the whole picture of evil* Islam. incl. sex segregation and friendship/marriage.
* measured against negative human rights

Blair's stupid sexist mideast faith neglects the majority rest of the world!

The Episcopal church(es) is now facing the threat from evil Islam in the form of conservative dioceses who feel strengthened by the presence of the very same Islam support that is called "moderate" among the majority Episcopals.